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A Letter Of Advice Essay

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A Letter of Advice
Tammy Precious Jones
COM 200 Interpersonal Communication
Dr. Melissa Holmberg

1. Explain the principles and the miss conceptions in effective interpersonal communications.
2. Identify the barriers to effective interpersonal interactions.
3. Describe the process by which self-concept is developed and maintained.
4. Assess their personal communications and improve their communication competencies.
5. Develop strategies for active, critical and empathetic listening.

The world of Communication has certainly changed in the past twenty years. We now have a different way to meet people all over the world without ...view middle of the document...

Let me explain:
To say it is inescapable simply means that we cannot say we do not communicate or vice versa because we all communicate through our body language, our attitudes, tone of voice and our facial expressions. Even when you are angry and don’t speak to each other you communicate in your silence. Think about the” you only get one time to make a first impression”? Meaning we all judge people by our perception of them due to how they behave. Of course you know what the second one means. Words out of the mouth cannot be taken back once “the cat is out of the bag”. Interpersonal Communication is complicated “because of the number of variables involved, even simple requests are extremely complex. Theorists note that whenever we communicate there are really at least six ‘people’ involved: 1) who you think you are 2) who you think the other person is 3) who you think the other person thinks you are 4) who the other person thinks he/she is 5) who the other person thinks you are and 6) who the other person thinks you think he/she is. (King, Donnell) Osmo Wiio, Wiio’s Laws---and some others (Espoo, Finland: Welin- Goos, 1978): gives us some laws similar to Murphy’s Law. If communication can fail it will. If a message can be understood in different ways, it will be understood in just that way which it does the most harm. There is always somebody who knows better than you what you meant by your message. The more communication there is, the more difficult it is for communication to succeed. Wiio gave us a good chuckle with these but think about how true they can be. Last but not least, contextual. According to King, communication does not happen in isolation. There are five different contexts for us to look at; there is Psychological context, which is who you are and what you bring in the interaction. (Your needs, desire, personality). Rational context, this concerns your reaction to the other person. Situational context, deals with the psyco-social” where you are communicating.” the way you communicate at home is not how you communicate at work. Environmental context, deals with the physical” where” you are communicating. Furniture, noise level etc... Cultural context includes all the learned behaviors and rules that affect the interaction.
I know this is a lot to digest, but doesn’t this information make you stop and wonder how come we were not taught these things a little earlier in life? Like elementary school? I know when we were growing up, our parents did not communicate well if at all to a lot of us. Maybe we should have to take this course before having children! That would change the dynamics for parenthood everywhere. So let us move on to telling you what Tatyana Ivanov of the eHow contributor has to say about Barriers to interpersonal interactions. We of course have physical and emotional barriers. “The implications to the physical barriers are obvious but should not be ignored. They can include a lack of personal proximity to the...

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