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A Lesson From A Prison Visit

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"A Lesson from a prison visit"We entered the building; my mother couldn't hold back her tears. All around me, the people there had grim expressions, an ominous feel in the air. Walking up the steps to a place, I would never see myself going, let alone visit a brother, my childhood friend. It was mid September, and I was visiting Sullivan, my childhood friend, at the South-Beach Prison. It was an experience that would forever change my outlook on life, watching my friend going through this difficult time.It was a typical day back in my house in Sinkor; I was watching some TV programs, when I received a call from my little brother; "Sullivan has been arrested". Words that I couldn't fathom, I ...view middle of the document...

Soon after my parents ended up bringing me back home, I had dropped out of school away and shunned my friends. Back home I witness firsthand how distraught my family was, I tried to help keep everyone optimistic. The emotion that my siblings tried so hard to hide over our visits came out. My parents even had some trouble speaking on the subject; everyone seemed to have given up. My mom being so religious that she is, will just pray, go to church and repeat. Honestly I found it useless and a tad annoying, she'd come home with some revelation on how God was going to fix it all if we just believed. I hadn't been regular in attending church services, partying without a care in the world. Off in college, that was all that mattered. I would enjoy my new found freedom away from my parents, but deep down I knew it wasn't moral. At first I decided to humor my mother and join her to mass, something to get me out of the house. What I found was unexpected; this feel good emotion came from spending time in worship. Euphoria caused by returning and humbling myself. I had a new mindset, maybe this tragedy happened for a better purpose. Sullivan was an alcoholic, consumed unknown drugs and didn't seem to care about anyone. Until I came to the realization that I would have to face the facts: my childhood friend, whom I had previously looked up to, was in jail.The day came when I was going to meet him, the ride there made my stomach churned, most of the family hadn't visited him, and I would be one of the first. I went up there with my little brother; South-Beach seemed a lot more gloom. The penitentiary from afar was a dull building, granted it held criminals but an eyesore to the rest of UN Drive. We walked in, line after line, following strict...

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