A Lab Report Of An Object In Freefall And The Effects Of Gravity

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Purpose:The purpose of this lab is to prove that the acceleration of gravity is 9.8m/s/s. We did this by taking a time lapse photo of a ball dropped with a meter stick next to it. While the ball was dropped, a strobe light was flashing 3000 times per second, which created measurable points of the balls descent. Then we did a few different graphs of the data points by hand and computer.Procedure:1. Set up a meter stick vertically against a black background2. Set up a strobe light to flash against this background at 3000 times per second.3. Focus a camera to take in the entire length of the meter stick to ensure that the balls entire flight is captured.4. Pull back the slide to prepare the ...view middle of the document...

08 , 16.5) (.12 , 27.5) .14 (.12 , 27.5) (.16 , 40.5) .18 (.16 , 40.5) (.20 , 54.5) .2 (.18 , 46.5) (.22 , 62.5) Velocity vs. TimeVelocity(cm/s) Time(s) CalculationsThe slope (acceleration) of the velocity vs. time graph is found: Change in velocity / change in time slope = acceleration =Percent Error: ((Accepted - determined) / accepted) * 100 ((980 cm / s / s - cm / s / s) / 980 cm /s /s) * 100 Percent Error =Error Analysis:Error could be found in two main places in this lab. They were in taking the picture, doing the graph by hand. Since the entire lab revolves around the picture you take in the beginning, it is important to take the picture correctlyThe first thing that could cause error when you take the picture involves setting the strobe light. If it is not at 3000 flashes per second, then you will get little or no data points in your picture, making it impossible to draw an accurate graph. Another source of error would be in leaving the shutter open too long. This will cause your film to become overexposed and nothing will be seen on it. To correct this, be sure to watch for the ball hitting your partner's hand or the floor.When you are doing your graph by hand, a major error can occur. When you draw the first curve, it is a best-fit curve. Since a human hand draws it, it might not actually be a best-fit curve for those data points. This would cause the slopes of you tangent lines to be off resulting in incorrect data points for your velocity vs. time graph. The...

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