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A Journey Essay

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”A Journey” is a short story by Colm Tóibín. It’s written in 2006. The plot is told by a 3rd person omniscient narrator. The composition of the short story is in chronological order with flashbacks.

The story begins in a flashback where we are introduced to David’s fear of presence. David is an unsteady boy who is afraid of life. To overcome his fear he keeps asking questions about life and people’s presence in the world. The oil painting, Interior with Woman and Child, on picture 1 by Paul Mathey from 1890 could be an illustration of David – a sad, alone boy who don’t feel secure. Who just stands waiting for the next thing to happen?
Mrs. Redmond is taking care of him. David feels ...view middle of the document...

Therefore she asks for a cigarette to break the ice between them, in spite of the fact that she finds the cigarette smoke in the car almost sickening[2]. She also tries to break the ice by telling jokes:

“I get very tired driving at night. I must be getting old.”

She is in doubt whether she took the right decision when she sent him to the hospital:

“But it was the best thing at the time, wasn’t it? I mean, there wasn’t anything
else we could have done.”.

She wants him to stay home, no matter how grim his silences, no matter how many days he spend in his bed with the curtains drawn. But at the same time she is worried for him:

“No one would employ David, she thought, and he was qualified for nothing.
She imagined that when she was an old woman she would have him in the room upstairs”.

In spite of the fact that she wants him to stay at home, it also worries her. She is afraid that her decision of sending him to the hospital had affected their relationship. She feels that the decision had...

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