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A.I: How The Film Relates To The Concept Of Reinventions With Links To Novel "Life Of Pi"

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ReinventionsA.I (artificial intelligence) is a science fiction feature film directed by Steven Spielberg. Released in 2001, this post-modern film follows the adventure of a young ‘boy’- a ‘mecha’, designed to love. It questions what is important to human existence.In the 22nd century, Monica and Henry Swinton adopt David in hopes to ease the pain of their dying son. David is one of a kind as he is the first child designed to love, but if David can love, can he also feel hate? David starts to learn about life and experiences a full spectrum of emotions. His purpose, to love his mother, creates a strong want of genuine love in return which Monica finds difficult, loving a machine. David therefore longs to become a real boy, just like Pinocchio, he embarks on a journey to find the ‘blue fairy’ to ...view middle of the document...

Spielberg uses imagery of open mouths and doors, like in Life of Pi, representing discovery, growth of knowledge and experiences and journeys. As David and his mother play hind and seek in the house, many doors are opened symbolizing his mother’s acceptance of David as her son. The driving through an open mouth (entrance to ‘Rogue City’) indicating the start of the next step in David’s journey.In the confronting, futuristic world presented in A.I, it is hard for the audience to relate to the film making Spielberg’s presentation of raw human emotion and nature important. The short story, “Super-Toys Last All Summer Long” by Brian Aldiss, was reinvented to create the film A.I. The film is a reinvention of fairytales as features from the Pinocchio were appropriated into the film to emphasize David’s longing to become a real boy giving the audience a door to connect and empathize.David’s journey to find the blue fairy is one to reinvent his identity, his relationship with his mother and his mother’s beliefs and boundaries which is thought to be accomplished as his journey ends. The film jumps between different perspectives from which the story is presented, firstly through Monica’s eyes in the home, establishing her importance and role as David’s mother. Secondly as he ventures into the real world, we view the dark world from this David’s perspective. In the end a totally different perspective is taken, it is shown from an outsider’s point of view, much like the audience’s.A.I evokes many issues concerned with mankind; mankind playing God, creating life in mechas. A reinvention of religion is shown; we come across a scene in A.I where we witness mechas attending a church service. Is it possible for God to love the mecha, formally being the creation and son of man? This becomes a reinvention of ideology, reinventing religion to suit personal situations as seen in Life of Pi.

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