A Home Away From Home Essay

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Jessica Ganzermiller
A Home away from Home
I was ready or as ready as I could have been to take on the twenty six thousand detainees of Camp Bucca Iraq, the largest detention facility in the world. As I stepped off the plane; suddenly hit by the nearly unbearable One hundred forty seven degree heat. My boots were tightly laced ID tag on my left and Boot knife on the right. Eighty pounds of protective gear; Bullet proof vest with survival tools and pouches of ammo strapped to the front, helmet with my name and blood type so if my head were to blown off the would know it was mine, my ruck sac strapped to my back full of the bare essentials; weapons cleaning kit, 2 ...view middle of the document...

The tent we were to stay in was a long white and looked as if a pipe was lying on the ground and buried half way in the dirt. As I entered the tent my boots made a loud thumping sound upon the plywood floors and echoed along the white vinyl walls. The cots were placed side by side along each length of the tent with a foot of space between each one. There were ninety seven females scattered around; all from different battalions and military branches all over the United States; no room for privacy. I place my things under my cot and snuggle into my sleeping bag with my weapon; that could at one point decide my fate and existence in life tucked snuggly to my side with the sling wrapped securely around my ankle and rest my head on a towel I had folded up into a pillow. Staring into the unknown I could see the last image of my mother that was locked into my memory. The look of concern and heartbreak as her tears followed the contour of her face like rivers. I did not want to remember my mother that way so I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and fell asleep to the sounds of generators and alarms off in the distance.
0300 hours and the alarm I had set on my watch were sounding for me to get up and ready for the day ahead. The sun had not risen yet and the air was cold. I put my boots back on and went outside the tent to brush my teeth and wash my face with a bottle of water. I went back into the tent to make sure my battle buddies were awake for formation. After formation we walked five miles to get to the pickup site where we were told we would board black hawks that would fly us to our final destination, Camp Bucca Iraq.
The sun has come up with not a cloud in the sky and the temperatures quickly increasing. Sweat...

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