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A Historical Comparison Of The Salem Witch Trials And The Mc Carthyism Era

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Throughout history , it has been shown that, history has a tendency to repeat itself. In 1692, men and women were accused of witchcraft whether they were guilty or not. The place that this was occurring was, Salem, Massachusetts, a city full of puritans who came from Europe. Witchcraft was the among the worst crime any individual could do. This often times led to people being hung or exiled from the church. Many people were hung, even though they were innocent. Many years later during the WWII era, there was a lot of speculation about communists and their impact in America This era was known as the McCarthyism era, because, Sen. McCarthy was the leading America into a anti -communist state. ...view middle of the document...

Puritans believed that the devil acted like people. Puritans called these people witches. No one actually saw Witchcraft being done, but was just accusations from people. In most situations witches were innocent people who were scapegoated by the town. After they were charged with witchcraft, the accused people were tried and sentenced in court. The judge, had to decide whether they were innocent or guilty. He didn’t focus on the evidence that was given to him, but he decided to use the words of the people who testified against the person. He used the term accusational thinking, he’d rather think this way because it is easy to think like that. Accusation thinking is based on jumping to endings. The Judge jumped to the conclusion that if something that was unusual and that someone was around to witness and testify, that he would be the cause of that problem.
Another example of history repeating itself is in the 1950’s, during the McCarthyism era. During this era, many people were accused of being spies due to the fact that Russia was communist and the U.S., being democratic, were in War. People were accused of being communist just on the way they acted, even if they had nothing to do with communism. A certain case was of Milo Radulovich. Milo Radulovich was a lieutenant in the U.S. air force. The government found out that Milo’s father who was an immigrant from Serbia, was reading newspapers from the country, they believed Milo, and his family supported communism. Also another thing that set off the government was that Milo’s sister peacefully protested outside of an hotel that refused service to a communist. When Senator McCarthy found out of this family, he took action and released Milo from the air force. Although the government knew Milo didn’t have anything to do with communism, his family had some trace to communism.
One night in Salem, Massachusetts, a bunch of girls from the town and a slave, Tituba, were caught dancing in the forest around a flame at night. This wasn't something that girls did at that time, and dancing itself was prohibited. These girls, and the slave were immediately accused of being witches just because they were dancing. To get themselves out of trouble, the girls accused other men and women in the town for practicing witchcraft, even if they have never met the person, but one person in particular was not an accidental, Abigail Williams one fo the girls caught in the woods, accused a woman named Elizabeth Proctor because Abigail wanted her husband, John Proctor. Abigail and John had already had an affair.But, unlike Abigail, John wanted to forget about what happened, and leave Abigail and the whole incident behind him, he even begged Mary for forgiveness. Abigail also did accuse some women in Salem because they called her names. The women knew what Abigail had done, so Abigail decided to get them in trouble. What seemed like just a normal dance, resulted in the death of twenty people. Nineteen were hung and the...

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