A Good Man Is Hard To Find By Flanney O'connor

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Literally Analysis
The story “A Good Man is Hard to Find”, by Flannery O’Connor, is about nuclear family in the 50’s who decided to go to East Tennessee for vacation instead of Florida. The grandmother said that the way Tennessee opposes the Misfit, a criminal who escaped from jail, was one of the main reasons for her choice. On the way, the grandmother suggests going to an old mansion she once visited by deceiving the kids to force Bailey to seek out the place but the grandmother made a mistake with the location. Embarrassed, the grandmother jerks her feet and Pitty Sing, the cat, escapes the basket and surprises Bailey, who wrecks the car. Later, the family meets the Misfit and his ...view middle of the document...

Also, the grandmother seems to care less about poverty and the sufferings of lower class people. For example, when the old women spots a poor Negro child in the street naked without any pants, she says, "Wouldn't that make a picture now?” (A Good Man…). The author connects the grandmother to the real world where a lot of people pay more attention to their outward appearance to impress others than to beautify their inner self first. Also, the family in the story has a car in an era where having a car was perceived as a higher class possession. Although the grandmother shows a prejudice behavior towards the little Negro child with her comments, O’Connor mean to emphasize the class difference that exists in the American society and the negligence and the lack of assistance from higher class to less fortunate class.
Additionally, the grandmother shows superiority in her actions and poor judgment towards others. In the story, the grandmother answer Red Sammy Butts question about why he let those guys fuel their tank without paying by saying he does it because he is a “good man”. Also, when she when she realizes that the Misfit is a threat to her life, she repeatedly tells him that he is a “good man”. This way O’Connor highlights the moral codes that the grandmother built on the characteristics she believes that make people “good”. Although, it seems that the grandmother sees the goodness in people and has an open-hearted characteristic, the author makes the reader see the failure of the grandmother’s definition of “good”, which is based on poor judgment and blind faith. For the grandmother, people are good if their moral codes are aligned with hers. For example in her eyes, Red Sammy is a “good man” because he has blind trust in others and the Misfit is a “good man” because as she assumed, he will not shoot a lady. In the real world, people accept others if they have common values and beliefs. However, same people intend to be prejudice to others who have a different take on the world and different perspectives. Purposely, many people want to feel superior to others to avoid examining themselves and find the flaws they possess. For instance, racial stereotyping that became a part of many people’s daily lives because the media and the news encourage it out. Also, the division of social amenities between the Africans and the Afrikaners during the Apartheid provide a good example of prejudice.
Furthermore, O’Connor shows religious weakness...

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