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A Gender Comparison Of Resiliency Among Older African American Katrina Survivors

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A Gender Comparison of Resiliency among Older African American Katrina Survivors



A Gender Comparison of Resiliency among Older African American Katrina Survivors
The hurricane Katrina is rated the fifth most deadly hurricane in the history of the United States. The period of the hurricane witnessed massive destruction of property besides lost of lives. In addition to thee various forms of loss that became manifested in the period of the menace, a number of cases of psychological torture were reported due to the fear of the unknown. The coast regions reported high number of these cases with the coast line extending from central Florida to Texas ...view middle of the document...

   The elements adopted in the copying strategies will form a central basis of the discussion.
Critical analysis into various research activities reveals that women and men cope to distressful situations in different ways.  Women are reported to always adopt more intense measures in dealing with situations of calamities that the male counterparts. Despite women being placed to be more prone to effects of the calamities, there are able to effectively manage the stressful conditions hence resulting into reduction in stress levels among women in events of turmoil (Lawson, 2010).
Studies in the United States in regard to religion have documented various findings that are key in studying the strategies adopted by the African American community in the course of the storm. It is documented that religious beliefs are widely adopted by the black community. In addition, the studies reveal that it is more likely that the black community will tend to believe in existence of supernatural powers (Lawson, 2010).   In connection with this, the period of the hurricane witnessed majority of the black community solely rely on prayers. The element of faith therefore highly controlled the copying measures of the elderly in the African American community. The reliance of divine intervention became manifested among both the genders. This witnessed various course of action that focused on uplifting their faith. Initially, it is reported that during this period, there was an increase in church activities as this could help in copying up with the situation through the belief in possible divine intervention. Moreover, the church worships among the ethnic community ware also coupled with scripture readings that also became central
in copying with the situations through comfort that the scriptural messages offered during this period of distress.  However the adoption of these religious measures differs in women and men. Owing to the magnitude that women treated the situation, Katrina storm, women are reported to adopt constant and direct communication higher power, God, that the male persons. On the other hand, the men are reported to prefer church attendance that aide in sharing the distressful situations with friends hence helping in the consolation process. The events of church attendance also involved testifying and witnessing that also aided in reducing the stressful conditions among the men.  The testimony by Mr. Willis, 58 years old, affirms the role of the church in helping the male elderly persons to cope with the situations. After thinking of the scene where a number of elderly persons are lying on the floor injured and the death of his siblings, Mr. Willis opt to move into church where he finds solace. The life of Jesus Christ also helps him to find the strength to move on with life (Lawson, 2010).  
One of the distinct aspects of copying with the situation among the male counterparts involved reading of...

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