A Framed Narrative Is A Story Within A Story ' A Hero Of Our Time'

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A framed narrative is a story within a story; within sometimes yet another story this structure leads the reader to question of the reasons behind each of the narrations. The narrator of the story then becomes an actual character with concomitant shortcomings, limitations, prejudices, and motives. The result of inserting one or more small stories within the body of a larger story that encompasses the smaller ones is to give the reader a more effective perception of the context within the stories. When the narrator speaks in first person it gives the narrator the ability to enter the plot speaking in the voice of personal narrative, and sometimes "know" as much or more than some third-person narrators who are supposedly "omniscient

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By using this method of framed narrative Lermontov has created an interesting effect for the reader’s in part one, it almost sets the scene for the rest of the book. By telling the stories in this style Lermontov introduces each individual characters in a different way which allows the reader to perceive the charters through eyes of different people.

The narrator could be seen as cynical or pessimistic by Believing or showing the belief that people are motivated chiefly by base or selfish concerns; skeptical of the motives of others in this case Pechorin. “What if I steal my sister for you”.

The caption could been seen as ‘normal’ he could represent the meaning of normal, he would been seen as usual, non abnormal and common, there isn’t anything strange so where as Pechorin and the narrator can be described as the two extremes the caption would be judged in the middle. “As stupid as they come” page 9. This quote shows the caption is not afraid to judge which in everyday life is a normal ability.

Pechorin can be seen as the controller of the story. The action of the other characters depends on their perception towards Pechorin and what he does in his stories; he is almost the narrator in same way he is writing the base of the novel. The novel is told around his personal doings. “What was it? Do tell me” page 18. This shows the narrator is interested in Pechorin life.

Lermontov was a Russian poet, the way as which Lermontov perceives a hero is not necessarily the way an average Russian would have perceived a hero during the 1940s,and because of that its became one thing that has made is this book so special and unique. This could also reason as to why this book may have been neglected within its time. By this book being a framed narrative it has made the book to some extent more confusion but another number more interesting enduring

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