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A Fortune Essay

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A Fortune
How would you define wealth? Is it when you have a lot of money stored in the bank? Or is when you a feeling of joy in your stomach every time you see you family and friends. Are such famous quotations as “enough is as good as a feast” true or just empty word for those who aren’t that fortunate? This large debate, provide a basis for the short story “A fortune” by Joy Monica T. Sakaguchi. In the short story we meet a young man, who lives on pickpocketing. Mainly because he grew up in a less fortunate environment, with a dad who wasn’t caring, and a mother who only focused on the problems and worst things in life. ...view middle of the document...

”(p. 1 l. 20-21) And after all her tears about the boys future, he still end up almost like his father. But luckily he doesn’t end up as the exact same person. The title “A fortune” leads to the discussion about the valuable things in life, and that is one of the oldest but still modern discussions. The title also relate to the fortune cookies which are mentioned a lot in the text. The fact that the narrator never had that many money, or great family life makes you wonder which of the two subjects he will focus most on. Will he ignore all relationships and focus on earning money? Or will he put everything behind him, and start a new life with a family and joy through relationships? In the end although he has a thing with this random boy, he doesn’t commit himself to this friendship with the boy. He just follows the boy home, and leaves him to his family who obvious don’t see how fortunate they are, to have son.
There are some clues in the story up to the meeting with the other boy, fx. after the narrator has eaten on a Chinese restaurant, he reads in his fortune cookie “A change in you daily routine will lead you to treasure” (p.2 l. 39) And even though it is his day of, he follow the rich man and pick his pocket. These...

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