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A Doll House Essay

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In "A Doll House" by Henrik Isben there are many noticeable social issues that effect Nora and her husband Helmer. First of which they seem to have been poor and they are now moving up in the world. Secondly we see that Nora seems like the type to spend money freely and doesn't seem worried about debt, unlike her husband Helmer. Nora and Helmer fit into the society that they live in pretty well Helmer is a hard working husband, they have a few children a nurse to watch over them and a maid to take care of the house. We see from the stage directions that Nora's house is fairly nice but not expensively furnished. We also see ...view middle of the document...

We see this in the scene where the delivery boy brings them the tree, "There's a crown. No keep the change." This line shows how Nora wants everyone to know about her social class and she is basically trying to show off. We also see a bit of deception between Nora and her husband. Nora lies to her husband when he asks "Surely my sweet tooth hasn't been running riot in town today, has she?" but the response he gets is no. This of course is a lie; she had macaroons in her pocket as she lied to her husband. I also noticed her trying to squeeze money out of Helmer when he asked her what she wanted for Christmas. Nora is very interested in material things as we can see by the description of her house and the large tip she gave to the man delivering the tree. This is unlike her husband who feels that hard work is the key to success. "Something of freedom's lost "“ and something of beauty too "“ from a home that's founded on borrowing and debt." Helmer doesn't believe in borrowing money and he is content with everything that life gives him. In conclusion, the play "A Doll House" by Henrik Isben many social conditions are discussed. Nora and Helmer go from being poor to having everything that they want. They now can afford a nice house, and a maid to clean it as well as children and a nurse to watch after them.Bibliography DiYani, Robert. Literature: Reading fiction, Poetry, Drama and the Essay. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1998.

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