A Discussion Of The Major Causes And Effects Of The Industrial Revolution In 2 Major Areas Of Design Architecture And Graphic Design

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A Discussion of the major causes and effects of the Industrial Revolution in 2 major areas of Design - Architecture and Graphic Design

In this essay I propose to show how Architecture and Graphic Design caused the Industrial Revolution. I also propose to show the effects that were caused by Architecture and Graphic Design during the Industrial Revolution. I will be analyzing two examples from each area of design to help answer and prove my heading. I will be showing the progress made in these areas of design in the analyzing of these examples.


The first example is The Westminster Palace. Westminster Palace is situated on the north bank of the River Thames in London, ...view middle of the document...

Although such defects were clear as early as 1849, nothing was done for the remainder of the 19th century. During the 1910s, it became clear that some of the stonework had to be replaced. In 1928 it was deemed necessary to use Clipsham Stone, a honey-coloured limestone, to replace the decayed Anston. The project began in the 1930s but was halted due to the Second World War, and completed only during the 1950s.
Westminster Palace has many very small windows. The reason for this is to respect the privacy of the members of royalty who live there. These small windows are specially designed to let in a lot of light, but in small amounts as to keep the large hallways and bedrooms cool during the summer.

The second example I am going to analyse is The Crystal Palace. Toward the beginning of the 1800s, there were huge demands for new types of buildings with large uninterrupted floor space. To solve this problem, Victorian Designers then used new building materials made available by the Industrial Revolution. These materials were cast-iron, wrought iron and, later, steel. By using these materials, they were able to create some of the most original and exciting buildings of that period. The Crystal Palace was designed by Sir. Joseph Paxton, in 1851. The Exhibition building was 564 m long and 33m
in height. The Crystal Palace was made almost entirely of cast-iron and glass. It was originally built in Hyde Park, London, England, to house the Great Exhibition of 1851. More than 14,000 exhibitors from around the world gathered in the Palace's 92,000 square meter of exhibition space to display examples of the latest technology developed in the Industrial Revolution.
On the 30th of November 1936, The Crystal Palace burnt to the ground.

To conclude this area (architectural area) of design, we can see that during the Industrial Revolution there was a drastic change on the Architectural front. Architects went from predominantly Gothic Styled building to a more modern style of building. This was brought on by the different materials being developed during that time. The early example (1840) of architecture in the Industrial Revolution – Westminster Palace – shows that there was very little glass used and buildings were made of natural materials such as stone. The later example (1851) of architecture in the Industrial Revolution – Crystal Palace – shows that buildings were made almost entirely of man-made materials such as glass and cast-iron. The use of stone fell away almost completely and the Gothic trend started to die down. As the demand for stronger more durable materials increased, the natural, weaker materials weren’t used as much.

Graphic Design
In the early stages of the Industrial Revolution, Graphic design was only just being introduced into England. Early forms of newspapers and posters were only used for advertising and were only printed in black and white, and different shades of grey. Although this design by Philip. B. Meggs is an advert...

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