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A Dirty Shame Essay

890 words - 4 pages

Jasmen Smoot
Shelia Dickson
English 100
You’ll Never Know Until You’re in the Situation
Some people are so quick to say, “I will never get an abortion in my life.” I was one out of many saying this. Until people have really been in this situation, I feel as if their opinion doesn’t matter. The topic I chose for my last essay is over abortion. Abortion is a very strong topic in the United States. I chose this because I would like for people to know my side of the story from personal experience as well as others. After reading the article, Abortion (unknown author), I’ve learned more about the procedure than what I knew when I got mine. This article has broadened my eyes on ...view middle of the document...

They believe that it should be allowed in cases of rape or incest, or when the pregnancy threatens the life or health of the mother. Last but not least there are “pro-choice.” They often maintain that abortion must remain legal because a woman should have the right to control her body and her destiny. But some pro-choicers also believe that there should be certain restrictions on teen access to abortion and on abortions occurring after the first trimester of pregnancy. This mixture of opinions is probably why the polls consistently show that 50% to 60% of Americans favor abortion, “only in certain circumstances.”
A pro-choice bumper-sticker occasionally seen says, “If you can’t trust me with a choice, how can you trust me with a child.” This quote stuck out to me when my mother and I had a very heated argument about me being pregnant. I felt this way when she would tell me “I don’t trust you and how do you expect to take care of a baby and you can’t even take care of yourself?” I think people don’t see how their words or actions affect people in situations like this. Words can either build someone up or tear them down. In my situation her words tore me down. With all the things going on in my head and people constantly talking about me, I thought my mother would be the main person in my corner telling me that everything is and will...

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