A Detailed Four Page Paper Entailing The Properties Of Power (Ie. Ways To Exert It, Who Has It And How To Maintain It, Etc.)

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Power is defined as the possibility of imposing one's will upon the behavior of another. In an age where countries and militant groups wage war on each other, the citizens beneath their respective leaders look to them for guidance and morals. These leaders are in a very influential position and they should be trusted to make wise decisions. It is probably safe to say that after September 11 most Americans felt very hostile toward Osama Bin Laden and his terrorist army. However, after the initial retaliation from our government, prominent leaders as well as everyday people have been voicing their strategies, both violent and non-violent, concerning the plan of action that will be taken ...view middle of the document...

The terrorist movement seeks to destroy the American way of life - by living our lives as we normally would and not giving them the satisfaction winning, we are exercising said power.In sharp contrast with the previous standpoint, the former Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu is in favor of a more forceful resolution to the current situation. International terrorism cannot exist without the support of sovereign states. Regimes are trained, armed, and harbored by these sympathetic states. If the support is taken away then the whole framework of the terrorist movement will collapse. However, as long as that structure stands there will be network of terror, in which individual branches are supported by the collective. Because of this tightly woven network, when one terrorist succeeds, it strengthens the entire network.Netanyahu makes his point that we must act now, for we have precious little time. The ultimate goal of the militant regimes is to destroy the West, and while that may seem a bit far-fetched right now, their attacks will become even more lethal in the future. The use of chemical, biological and even nuclear weaponry is nigh, and there is little doubt that there would be any hesitation to use them. As of now, they have a will, but lack the power; America has the power and he suggests that we "also show that we have the will."Netanyahu quotes President Bush as saying that "there should be no distinction made between the terrorists and the states that support them." An offensive attack has been deemed necessary, but he suggests that we should use more than just military action; we should freeze financial assets, revise legislation, and resolve not to negotiate with terrorists. If this constant use of condign power is forced onto all suspected nations, most will be deterred from harboring terrorist regimes.The Catholic Church is a staple for peace and social development. They provide a moral guidance on how the...

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