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A Descriptive Title Essay

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Committee: United Nations General Assembly
Topic: Kashmir- Is it a symbol of failure of United Nations Machinery
Country: Germany
Delegate: Ruchi Gupta

Since the partition of British India into India and Pakistan in 1947, the Kashmir conflict between them has become intractable. India first referred the case of Pakistani aggression in Kashmir to the United Nations Security Council under Article 35 of the UN Charter on January 1, 1948. This move was directed towards protecting India’s ...view middle of the document...

Later, at the end of the Third Pakistan- India war of 1971, Pakistan and India signed the Simla Agreement in 1972 which emphasized the adoption of a bilateral framework to solve the crisis.
UNSC resolution 47 of 1948 recommended Pakistan to withdraw all its tribesmen and Pakistani nationals. It also recommended Indian forces to be reduced to minimum strengths to maintain law and order so as to later hold a UN supervised plebiscite in the princely state of Jammu and Kashmir to determine the aspirations of her people. But Pakistan never vacated and later India also backed out. As a result the referendum never went through and UN declaration could not be implemented.
Germany agrees that the Kashmir issue should be undertaken bilaterally as “one spark” could be disastrous for the entire region. Germany has always supported negotiated settlement of the Kashmir issue between Pakistan and India. We also believe that the two countries could follow the principle of dialogue and people to people exchanges in order to reach a mutually agreeable resolution of the long- standing dispute on Kashmir. Although German reunification experience is not applicable in South Asia, but the principle of reaching a resolution through discussion and dialogue could always be applicable anywhere in the world.
Our policy of foreign relations includes country’s commitment to promote peace and...

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