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A Descriptive Essay On A Girl Worshiping God In Her Dorm Room

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Enter the Worship CircleI lie here upon my bed, as I replay my day through my head. The dorm I live in, smells of cleaning supplies mixed with my perfume .The white cinder block walls are unfriendly in sight and touch, always adapting to the temperature it is outside. I look across at my roommate as she lies upon her bed, reading a book. I pretend to be writing in my journal as she concludes her reading for the night. As she lays the books aside, I hide my eyes from her view, not wanting her to see me observing her.Her coffee colored locks fall upon her shoulders, some curling and falling over her tiny ears; other strands, straight as a piece of paper, fall down her partly arched back. Her green eyes sparkle like the sun hitting the morning dew and in the instant before she closes them, her eyes shine as if the moon is hiding behind each one of her eyelids.She sits upon a quilt. Its patchwork, battered, torn and definitely aged, seems to ...view middle of the document...

Seriousness and reverence showing on her face, she holds her hands together gently and softly, like two lovers would when walking down the street. Although their grip is tender and not full of strength, they both are confident that the other won't let go.Now in what appears to be the position she was aiming for, she seems at ease. She runs her tongue across her chapped lips and clears her throat. As she opens her mouth, words flow out like rain, washing her with peace: "Heavenly Father, I know that I have done wrong through my thoughts, my actions and the things that I have said, sometimes by mistake and sometimes on purpose. I have gone my own way and not put you at the center of my life. Hide your face from my sins Father, and blot out all of my iniquities. Lord, just give me a clean heart and renew a steadfast spirit within me. Please help me to follow you more closely everyday and live a life that gives glory back to you. I pray this is Jesus' holy name. Amen." Her words were like magic, spoken softly and full of sorrow.Still on her knees her head still bowed she opens her mouth again yet not in prayer but now in song. Her voice was off key and full of imperfection as it echoed down the hall. Even though her voice was less than angelic, it seems as if for a second, the whole world has paused in whatever activity they were doing to listen to her as she sang, " You O God are strong. You O God are loving. I will not be shaken. I will bow. I will bow. Lift my eyes up from the ashes, with my knees on the ground. I will bow."Tears of what appeared to be deriving from a sense of joy and remorse slid down her face as she continued to sing her love song. As the last word of the song flowed from her lips, she laid her head down on the quilt, her eyes still closed and her cheeks stained from her tears. Silent and still, minutes go by until her breathing gets heavier, leaving an impression that she was now asleep.I gently lay my notebook on the ground and close my eyes. Images of the intense moment I have just seen, run through my head. I smile as I realize how blessed I am to have a roommate as such. Touched by the moment of her vulnerability and reverence to the Lord, I drift off into a night of the sweetest dreams.

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