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A Definition Of Art Essay

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A Definition of ArtIn looking for a good definition of Art one can discover that so many different versions or descriptions exist. Art exists in many different categories which cause the true meaning to be very vast and not really cut and dry like most words in the English language. The definition of Art is very subjective, which will vary by person. According to one source the meaning of Art is as follows; "Although today the word "art" usually refers to the visual arts, the concept of what art is has continuously changed over the centuries. Perhaps the most concise definition is its broadest; art refers to all creative human endeavors, excluding actions directly related to survival and ...view middle of the document...

While artistic expression includes; painting, drawing, sculpture, music, literature, performance art and architecture. New forms of art have evolved over time and with the advance of technology these include; film, photography, comics, video art, installation art, conceptual art, and computer art. Art is more like a folder than a file in terms of definition, art can almost be whatever you wish to include in your folder. This folder will grow with the addition of each file added through your life cycle. An individual's artistic definition will change throughout life, growing with each experience, and changing with each new experience.This assignment calls for the evaluation of eight different types of Art; Dance, visual Art, Music, Folk Art, Television, Theater, Radio and Film. In looking at each of these separate subjects the artistic value of each will vary with the individual, each of us being drawn in a special way, and no two people will see the same impression. In the following paragraphs the impressions which have touched me in each subject will be discussed.DanceThe American Ballet Theater web site is the source of dance which has been chosen. (Ballet) Ballet is a classical dance form characterized by grace and the precision of movement and by the elaborate gestures and poses. A ballet can be presented by either an individual or a group of performers. The performance is accompanied with the use of costumes and special scenes in an attempt to convey a story or theme. Ballet is a very beautiful artistic expression which has been interpreted by a composer to relate a special story in the form of dance. The subject of ballet is one of expression and value, each performer using their dancing skills to highlight the intended message. At the American Ballet Theater web site a person is able to gather information as to upcoming performances and gain an insight into the world of ballet and the performing arts.Visual ArtVisual Art is categorized with items such as painting, photography, or sculpture in an attempt to appeal to the visual sense of a person. Visual Art is also usually in more of a permanent form, except in the case of Ice sculptures. Ice Sculpting is truly an art of its own, and even though this style of art is not permanent, unless a person were to place the item into the freezer, this would still be categorized as visual art. The web site which ahs been chosen is the Carrie Art collection. (Carrie) This web site contains primarily Haitian art, demonstrating several pictures of daily life and telling a story of the good and bad times in Haitian life. Contained in the web site are numerous links to the paintings of the artists. Visual Art is more easily recognized than other forms of art, being able to look at a picture or photograph makes the art more portable. While architecture can be called visual art, the building will only gain the notoriety with the passing of pictures or paintings to gain popularity. Several structures exist...

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