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A Deeper Look Into The Life Of Mother Russia's Great Leader: Joseph Stalin

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A Deeper Look into the Life of Mother Russia's Great Leader: Iosif Vissarionovich Djugashvili By Reyhan WatsonStalin: The Steel OneJoseph Stalin was born by the name of Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili, on December 21, 1879, in the Georgian village of Gori, a small town in the southern reaches of the Russian Empire. He was the third child born to Vissarion Dzhugashvili, a poor shoemaker, and his wife Yek aterina, who worked as a domestic servant. However, young losif was the only one of their offspring to survive infancy. Iosifs father was very abusive, hard-drinking man, who eventually failed as an independent artisan and left his family to work in a factory in Tiflis, the capital of ...view middle of the document...

In other ways, too, he retained pieces of his native culture--during his early days as a revolutionary, he took the name "Koba," after a legendary Georgian bandit. But he never showed any partiality to Georgia politically: he generally treated it, in his own words, as merely a "little piece of Soviet territory called Georgia."The Steel One's Fall: Break downIn the early 1930s, a famine developed in the Ukraine; learning of the suffering there, Stalin's wife Nadezhda confronted him, demanding that he remedy the situation. The couple had a tremendous fight, and Stalin ordered the arrest of the students who had informed his wife of the disaster. Shortly thereafter, on November 8, 1932, Nadezhda shot herself. It was the end of any trace of "normal" family life for Stalin, and witnesses saw tears in his eyes at her funeral--the only report that we have of the great dictator crying.The Great TerrorWhen the name Stalin is mentioned, he is usually associated with the Great Terror. The death of his wife and Stalins mental breakdown was the main cause of the Great Terror. Stalin effectively elminated all traces of opposition to his rule. Large-scale purges struck the country, targeting all levels of society--including children. Every one of the accused Bolsheviks confessed their supposed crimes. Only later did the world discover that these confessions were brought out after long months of psychological torture and physical abuse. All of the confessors were sentenced to death.

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