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A Day In The Life Of An Enterprise Architect

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DMV Case Study
Purpose of this Assignment
(The information below is excerpted from the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles’ RFP
154:7-061, DMV CSI Systems Redesign Project, available from under Content>Course
Resources>DMV_CSI_RFP_083107_Final_Release. Corresponding page numbers from the
RFP are given in parentheses at the end of each lettered section heading.)
A. DMV Organizational Overview (p. 2)
The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is a governmental agency in the Executive Branch of
Virginia state government. Under the direction of the Secretary of Transportation, DMV
administers motor vehicle and tax related laws for the continued benefit of all citizens of the
Commonwealth ...view middle of the document...

Tax processing – This includes support for the calculation, collection, accounting,
and reporting statistics for all tax filings (including IFTA, tax on fuel, and tax on
motor vehicle rentals) as well as support for an external/taxpayer audit function.
Oversight of related programs such as transportation safety and information

Due to the nature of DMV business processes, the type of work performed by the agency
requires substantial use of automated systems. It is imperative that the agency operate its
programs and facilities in an efficient manner, incorporating into its operation those

July 2014


technological developments and automated solutions that will enhance the delivery of services to
DMV's various transportation clients.
B. The Opportunity (p. 1, pp. 2-3)
DMV has decided to undertake a systems redesign they are calling CSI:

Service Oriented

The DMV CSI Systems Redesign project focuses on the fragmented processing of DMV’s core
business areas of credentialing, tax processing, and financial management. The purpose of the
CSI effort is to transform these fragmented and outdated systems into one modernized system
that is responsive to the ever-changing needs relating to internal security, homeland security,
legislative mandates, and customer relationship management.
As we move forward with this endeavor, DMV has a unique opportunity to revolutionize the
agency’s approach to fulfilling its mission, carrying out core functions, and delivering service.
DMV intends to fully integrate processing while incorporating and leveraging the full
functionality and benefits of proposed technology solutions as well as the technology already in
The scope of the DMV CSI Systems Redesign project is based on utilizing a fully integrated
system to serve and manage our customers, our contractual business partners, and our
stakeholders. The scope includes, but is not limited to credentialing, tax processing, and financial
The CSI Redesign consists of the following components:

July 2014

User interfaces for Headquarters, Weigh Station, and Customer Service Center
staff, DMV Selects, Internet, Touchtone, cyber sites, and selected business
partners (online dealers, Commissioners of the Revenue, insurance companies,
motor carrier companies, etc.)
Core business services
Infrastructure services to manage access rights, perform audit and system logging
functions, a business rules engine, a message broker to facilitate communication
between components and with external system interfaces, transaction suspense
capability, and a correspondence module.
Data stores, business intelligence to provide regular and ad hoc management
reports, audit reports and fraud alerts, and other applications, and
Interfaces to other systems, such as DMV’s Purchasing, Inventory, and Payables

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