A Day In The Life Of A Kurd

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A Day in the Life of the Kurd

A Day in the Life of the Kurd
Kurds are a pastoral nomadic culture that can be considered patrilineal. Men herd the animals and lead the family. They are what hold the status of the family. Women play a smaller role in this society due to their beliefs that women are weak to temptations. Based off of their Quran and what it depicts, are how the Kurds lead their lives. It is a highly religious society that can be admired for sticking to their guns in the world of today.
Kurdish traditionally led a peasant life, due to the nomadic state of being. Though they are nomadic, they do have boarders that fall along Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey. This ...view middle of the document...

” (The Kurds. (2009)). Marriage does not necessarily bring with it the creation of a new household. Kurdish traditions demand that the eldest brother remain with his parents to include his wife and offspring. As the family resources enlarge the younger boys can start their own houses, but must stay within the xani. Enlarging the compound. The main house is called a Mal, where the head of the family resides. All the houses in the compound meet in the Mal for their meals. This is true for seminomadic families as well. Even though in a zoma the houses may be divided between camps when they move, they are still traditionally bound to meet at the Mal. The Mal is where all of the wealth of that family is gathered. Even today for urban families in transition. This is still a very prominent tradition to maintain a Mal. Not only the first but the transitional second generation of migrants continues this tradition. Kurdish marriage arrangements are defined by traditions. Tribal ideology dictates that brothers, father and sons are joined in a single group, splitting up the father’s brother and his sons. Kinship terminology consists of two categories; consanguine and affinal. These categories clearly define the hierarchy of the tribe. Marriage is one of the most important ways to bring about alliances and establishing social hierarchies. “Upon marriage a woman would leave her birth homestead and moves to her husband’s village. Traditionally a woman did not move away from the territory of her lineage. However, urban migration resulted in contemporary marriages in whichwomen not only move from their paternal homes, but frequently cross national borders.” (Gorman, Rachel; Mojab, Shahrzad (Winter 2007)). Kurdish marriages are arranged marriages traditionally. These arrangements can be made before the children are even born. Marriage is what establishes the passage of adulthood. The age of which they are allowed to marry varies due to the social and economic state of that tribe. Older, if the women are needed to maintain the family wealth and younger if they can afford to lose a work hand. There is one exception to the rule, kidnapping, when a young woman is kidnapped from family A by family B, the only way to get around it is by A giving a daughter up for marriage to B. This is extremely rare as is eloping but it highlights certain traditions in the Kurdish culture. Commonly marriages happen with in the tribe. The preferred marriage is between patrilateral cousins but not cross-cousins. Marrying a patrilateral cousin they make certain that the property stays in the family. Direct exchanges can be commonplace amongst arranged marriages. This is where a woman is given to another family with the understanding that a wife will be provided to one of their sons. Thus voided the bride-price. Bride-price for Kurds can be paid at the betrothal or maid in payments until the actual ceremony. It includes cash and gold or gifts to the bride...

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