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A Day at the Park"Janette, wake up! Lets go to the park". I heard this faintly from the depths of my sleep; I woke up to find my little cousin sitting by me on the bed, eager to leave. I had woken up a bit irritated, but I figured that it was time that he and I spend some quality time. I got up, took care of my morning necessities, we got in the car and we were on our way.As we entered the front of the park I could already see the huge mass of greenery that spread itself around us. We followed a few signs to reach our destination: the skating part. We got out of the car I found a nice place to lay my things and my cousin ran to the skating ramps, as if he had 1 hour to live. ...view middle of the document...

I picture myself a part of the painting, at that moment I felt like a cartoon character painted on to the canvas of the world. The leaves on the trees were so detailed and multicolored each leaf contributing to the trees entirety. The birds chirping melodically gave the complete scene joie de vivre. I felt an inner peace, a feeling of connection. I called out for my cousin to come eat. My stomach was gurgling at the smell of bar-b-q from afar.I reached into the picnic basket; I was disappointed at the ordinary sandwiches I had brought. If only I could reach into the basket to find a juicy hamburger topped with creamy cheese, a fresh red tomato, lettuce and some ketchup like the one I know they were cooking over at the bar-b-q grill. Nevertheless, The ice cream we brought made up for it. My little cousin told me how this park reminded him of the pictures he had seen in the bible, of the Garden of Eden. I like to talk to my little cousin because he helps me reflect on my own growth. I started to think of the future and imagined my own family.I thought of how I would take my kids to the park one day and they would take a journey of their own exploration. I remember the freedom I felt when my parents took me to the park for the first time. It was a spring, a spring of new beginnings. I ran and ran, I did cartwheels, rolled around, and it gave me a sense of autonomy I will never forget. Today was much like that day, I was happy that I could spend the time I did with my cousin, creating special memories for us to share. That maybe one day, the memories would spark an awakening in him...inner peace.

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