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A Database Of Schemes That Prioritize Sites And Species

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Name: Lauren Raymor
Title of Article: A database of schemes that prioritize sites and species based on their conservation value: focusing business on biodiversity.
Author (s): Arthur G. Blundell and Tormod V. Burkey
Publication: BMC Ecology
Year: September 2007

This article examines the effectiveness and usefulness of the schemes commonly used by businesses to evaluate where biodiversity offsets need be. Biodiversity offsets are essentially, the counter action taken by businesses that can offset environmental damages inflicted on the environment by operation. It is unfortunate, but it has been shown that if a business has to evaluate these issues from inside ...view middle of the document...

& Burkey, T, 2007).
The article goes on to explain other choices a company can use in selecting areas of concern for biodiversity offsets, such as literature consisting of improved algorithms assessing threat levels and also, incorporating the use of Irreplaceability scores that measure conservation priority and asses areas where no more damage can be acceptable. Irreplacability scores indentify these high risk values of in specific areas and deem them “no-go” areas, which are areas of great concern and evident environmental damage.
It is explained that there is a significant importance in the assessment of these biodiversity offsets but that companies need to conduct prioritization exercises within the company to assess the conservation priorities that are of high value and that they should also be a representation of all species and habitats that they occupy (Blundell, A. & Burkey, T, 2007).
Within reading this article, I personally have a better understanding of the difficulties that an individual company would have in even properly...

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