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A Daring Paradigm Essay

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Healing Hospitals: A Daring Paradigm
Kimberly Howell
Grand Canyon University
Foundations of Spirituality in Health Care

October 13, 2012
Healing Hospitals: A Daring Paradigm
The healing hospital paradigm is a hospital model that focuses on the recovery and wellness of patients as a whole. Unlike other hospital settings this one focuses on the person as a whole body, mind, and spirit. Also included in the paradigm is the setting of the aesthetics of the hospital, which include things like being pleasing to the eye and the noise level of the facility. This paper will present the components of a healing ...view middle of the document...

Neuroscience has taught that our brain and nervous, endocrine, and immune systems are in constant interaction with each other. Which means at anytime, what you are thinking, can change your biochemistry. Therefore if you have a noisy or messy environment it can impede healing by disrupting the immune system. The layout of a hospital would also contribute to the effectiveness of a healing environment. When creating and setting up the design of a patients room the layout should be easy to get around which would help increase the independence of the patient and therefore giving them a sense of control (Zborowsky, 2008). When there is poor design in the areas that the staff use then there is much wasted time. One third of time for nurses was found to be spent walking instead of with direct patient care. All of these things listed are monitored and carried out to provide the best environment possible for the patient. An organization that from top to bottom integrates compassion, real love, and selflessness with the patients and their coworkers while supporting the culture of caring will make it a success.

You would think that all of this would be easy for those people who chose the career of caring and healing, but that is not so. There are many things that make this accomplishment of care a challenge. Barriers start with the professionals in their training. They were taught not to bring up religion or talk about their own religion. If staff became involved emotionally with the patient it was frowned on. Healthcare professionals also tend to not want their peers to see them vulnerable which keeps a wall up between their peers and their patients. To have synergy felt throughout the facility there must be caring and trust between co-workers, which then will be felt by the patients, and then they can trust at a time when they are most vulnerable. Another great challenge for this to happen is that the healthcare professionals in the majority of hospitals are overworked and burnt out. To many patients to take care of in such little time leaves a healthcare worker feeling empty inside. Without being fulfilled in their work due to not having a connection with their patients and peers blocks them from the ultimate awareness, meaning, value, purpose, beauty, dignity,...

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