A Cycle Of Time Essay

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A Cycle of Time
John Doe Final Learning Paper EX-PY 201 Adult Development and Life Assessment Instructor: XXXXXXXXX February 20, 2012

High School Graduation, a life changing time. The willingness to accept failure or success while standing with my peers is a very distinct feeling. I am grateful that I chose the correct path. I am sure of one thing, that without determination, independence, and self confidence I would not be where I am at today. My carelessness and rebel attitude was almost a recipe for disaster. Although High School was good, my perspective on the experience and the experiences that I have had since then are my inspirations for the way I am leading my life, ...view middle of the document...

Reflecting back; this is when I decided to make some concrete choices in life and plunge forward into the unknown. I always had a desire to travel and get away. It wasn’t long until those desires had

become a reality. A solid idea came to mind for me, join the Armed Forces. Narrowing it down between the four main branches, I chose to give the United States Navy a shot. What more could I ask for. This was an opportunity to be able to hone my desires of my independent values, determination, and self confidence all wrapped up into one bundle.

Unfortunately what arose from my decision to enlist were my parent’s uncertainty and the risks that were involved with this decision of mine. Together we spoke long and hard in the conversations that followed, and in the end my mother did accept my decision to follow this path but with apprehension. My father on the other hand had a better understanding in what I was pursuing and what I was searching for in life. I guess my mother could not quite let go of the fact that her son was evolving into a young man. Your family will truly be there for you no matter what the circumstances. It is the most important gift of life. Tell them you love them every chance you can.

This episode (chapter) in my life did come with some sacrifice. I was leaving my home town, my family, my lifelong friends, and yes my high school sweetheart. This was especially difficult for me because deep down inside my conscious was telling me to go be something/somebody. This was a very emotional experience for the both of us. It was time to separate from one another and follow our dreams and desires in life.

Pursuant to my enlistment in the service, I was gaining some momentum. My ten weeks in boot camp resulted in a very accomplished award of Honor Man. Basically, I was chosen amongst my peers as most accomplished, most trusted and most liked person in my company. This was the perfect medicine I was searching for as it absolutely charged my confidence level to new heights. There was no turning back. My success as an individual has spawned and I was bound and determined to explore all the opportunities that lie ahead for me.

In the weeks and months of my active enlistment, I discovered that what had happened back in boot camp seemed just for me. It was a role model setting. All through my “C” schooling it seemed as if I could do no wrong. Once again, my peers would ask from me, advice, they would seek encouragement and I always helped to no avail. They wanted my company. What a magical feeling. I took the reins of leadership proudly and was fully accepting what life itself was offering to me. I graduated in the top two percent of my class. The door of independence has opened and it wasn’t going to close. The remaining years of enlistment was genuine in the fact that all my training and learning has set me up for my future. An example of this is after being honorably discharged from the service I immediately set out to...

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