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A Critique Of Adams And Backus

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A Critique of Adams and Backus

A Critique of: How to help people change by Dr. Jay E. Adams and Telling yourself the truth by Dr. William Backus and Marie Chapian

Anita Meyers

Liberty University

Coun 507

February 3, 2011

Dr. Sandy


A Critique of Adams and Backus

A Critique of: How to help people change by Dr. Jay E. Adams and Telling yourself the truth by Dr. William Backus and Marie Chapian

In his book, Dr. Adams (1986) presents an interpretation of II Timothy-3:16 that he states is the exclusive method of counseling from a Christian and biblical perspective. I found two ...view middle of the document...

Once they have done that and this does not work, we cannot say that they did not follow what the word of God says. Abuse, trauma, neglect, and adversity in life places pressure on people. So, the thing to do would

A Critique of Adams and Backus

be to take another approach like that of Dr. Heaton’s(2005) work that states that eating disorders and perfectionism are similar in that they both evolve from self destructive thoughts and

behaviors related to an internalized expectation based on fulfilling unrealistic and highly demanding goals.

Dr. Adams states that “Believers must be built up in their faith by changing from sinful to righteous ways” (p.12). Even though this is the second step in a counseling model. I agree that we have to edify each other so that we can get to the potential that God have ordained us to get to. But, what happens when the person does not want to move spiritually where they should be? We cannot force someone to accept Christ if they do not want to.

Dr. Backus and Marie Chapian offers good biblically based way of thinking so that one can deal with feelings of concern where cognitive awareness exists or is accessible. This book also provides good information about the way a Christian thinks when it comes to their self-worth (p.107). But, of course with anything else, there are some basic flaws. The most troublesome one that I found was Dr. Backus’s take on misbeliefs. He beliefs that “misbeliefs are the direct cause of emotional turmoil and maladaptive behavior” (p.17). This statement alone tells me that Dr. Backus does not understand how the impact of traumatic childhood experiences would have a negative outcome for the person that went through it. He also states that “you can be an adjusted and happy human being, no matter what you have experienced in our life and no matter what

A Critique of Adams and Backus

your circumstances are” (p. 24). This sounds like he is saying that everything will be fine and you will be happy go lucky by the turning of a switch.

Are you kidding me? Take it from someone that have been raped and molested. I told myself that I was fine and happy for years but my action said otherwise. It was not until I actually started getting counseling that I was able to climb out of that “black hole”. Dr. Backus stated that

“may excellent scientific investigation have demonstrated that it is entirely unnecessary to uncover the childhood antecedents of current behaviors in order to change them”...

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