A Critique Evaluation Of The Relationship Between Human Resource Practice And Firm Performance: An Empirical Assessment Of Firms In Malaysia

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A Critique Evaluation of The Relationship Between Human Resource Practice and Firm Performance: An Empirical Assessment of Firms in Malaysia

With the development of Economy around Malaysia develop fast, Malaysia found that many countries categorized as new power. In order to improve the economy in Malaysia like these countries, a research came out to analyze HRM in Malaysia( Osman et al.,2011). Osman et al.’s research aim to examine HR practices among firms in Malaysia by provide HRM history and current HR practices in Malaysia ,examine the trend of HRM practices among Malaysia firms and try to find out the relationship between HRM practices and firm performance in Malaysia. However, ...view middle of the document...

It is difficult for reader to understand the meaning without an accurate definition.
The second limitation in this research is the survey design. The questionnaire used in this research is divided into three parts, the first part is to gather the profile, the second part is to measure the extent the HR practiced in interviewer’s organization, respondents required to choose the extent of this question from five choices which are ‘not at all’, ‘small extent’, ‘moderate extent’, ‘large extent’, ‘very great extent’( Osman et al.,2011). These words like small extent or moderate extent are subjective words, the trend based on individual’s understanding or definition maybe different. Someone choose small extent using HR practice in their organization maybe moderate extent in other people’s mind based on the definition of this certain extent because it is not an accurate amount. Additionally, the third part of the questionnaire is to measure the HR performance compare with competitors in the industry by managers and top executives(Osman et al.,2011). However, managers and top executives are hard to ensure they do not have subjective opinion when comparing their organization with competitors.
The third limitation in this study is the sample chosen to complete the questionnaire. The researchers sent 800 questionnaires to different industry, then collected online, by mail or administered personally. The response rate was 27.1%, it is 217 questionnaires were collected in this research(Osman et al.,2011). It shows that there were a little amount of people response this research. The reason why the study was response by such few people were not identified in this research, maybe the expire date was to early, people cannot get enough time to complete the questionnaire and sent it back, whether the researchers were lack of patient is a question.
The further limitation of this research is the result of research. As it shown in the research results, there is a table shows the profile of respondents. There are mostly have a first degree and the industry are placed centrally in services and manufacturing, most of the organizations are without foreign ownership (Osman et al.,2011). The level of education and industry and foreign ownership are not own equally number, the result based on this questionnaire...

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