A Critical Reflective Essay On My Roles And Contributions In The Task Of “Business”

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A Critical Reflective Essay on My Roles and Contributions in the Task of “Business”
The residential weekend was a really delightful holiday and a meaningful experience in my postgraduate study. That teamwork training was very unforgettable, even though time passing so long. During those three days training, there are lots of impressive events happened. Through looks at those events with a critical eye, those make me changed and certainly I also develop myself in some areas. This paper is going to examine my personal behaviors and present a self—awareness, and shows an analysis of my individual role that relevant with this personal experience. In this reflective essay, the principle ...view middle of the document...

We all seemed a bit overwhelmed by the task. It is very hard to complete. And I was tired and fretful. However, other members try their best to think several ideas to complete this crazy task. Lots of ideas make us quite confusing, so we decide to do something first, we build the pole together. When we take the first step, everything become easily and I began to calm down to think how to get the bucket attended. Suddenly, one best idea comes to me as spontaneous accidents. I used two joints as a hook to lock the bucket. I am satisfied with my idea, because one of my residential objectives is coping with stress better. When in trouble, I don’t know how to cope with that knotty problem, I always exert pressure upon myself, I cannot do work well. And this time, I can work under pressure, it improve my confidence. At the same time, my team members’ encouragements give me a very big power.
During the task, when I have an idea, I don’t know how to explain, therefore, I use body language let them understand. As an auxiliary means of sound language, the body language plays an important role in language communication. As Lurnsden (2000) claimed that, communication is one of the important and challenging skills and refers to the process used to bring message from one individual to another. It can be verbal and non-verbal between people trying to create shared meaning. English is my second language, so sometimes; I am poor at explaining and clarifying complex points that occur to me. Because of varied cultures, poor communication, I always feel fall behind by half a beat. As Dwyer (2005:79) said that, good communication is essential for all members of an organisation to ensure that they work together to achieve organizational goals. Therefore, understanding how to communicate with others is essential to work with a team. British people and Anna (Polish) think Chinese people are very shy, and very quite. Actually, Chinese student do not like to give their ideas on their own initiative, and they are good at listen to others. And then give some reasonal method to deal with problem. Hofstede’s five cultural dimensions give insights into other cultures so that we can interact effectively with people in different countries. Because of high power distance and high level of long term orientation in china (Hofstede, 1991), chinese members tend to need more time to thinking, planning and suitting each task and prefer to be wold what to do.
The third day task is the enterprising business, our group is Crosthwaite Enterprise, which has been invested £100 by our stock-holders, and they expect a significant return on their investment at the end of the day with a profit of at least £6000 being achieved. To achieve this aim, we eight members in the group make every effort to earn more money. When the whole task was over, we just earn about £4000 and other groups earn about £10,000. We cannot finish the target and fail in this exercise. We ignore the collective...

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