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A Confession Of An Undying Love

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Knowing you is the greatest thing that happened in my entire existence. I never realized how happy and complete I am with you by my side, you don't even need to do anything. The thought of you staying by my side reassures me and gives a whole new meaning to my life. Every sound of your voice is like music to my ears, a serene lullaby that lulls me to sweet daydreams. When I gaze into your soulful eyes, I could see a brighter tomorrow. The soft whispers of your enchanting voice lift my empty spirits and calm my weary thoughts. Your beaming smile chases all my worries and uncertainties away. Your warm embrace puts me in a trance of ...view middle of the document...

You gave a new meaning to my existence and I could not imagine a life without you in it. You and I were made to be together, forever. Loving you was the most special thing that ever happened to me. You have a very special place in my heart and no one could ever replace that, be it in this lifetime, or any other lifetime. When I'm with you, everything feels so right and I feel really blessed. I cherish every single day that we spend together.
I will never leave you and I will always be your knight in shining armor. I’m willing to go against anyone who wishes you harm. I will protect you from any danger that threatens your happiness. This will be my vow from now until eternity. I will never leave your side. I'll always be here my sweet love.
I am deeply in love with you and if given another chance, I'd still choose to fall in love with you. I never thought that I could meet someone so amazing. I never thought that I could be this happy. I'll never let you go. Low me to spend an eternity with you. I have never been this sure in my entire life. I have never felt this way with anybody else. And I want to celebrate this deep love with you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you and I'm willing to risk everything that life has to offer just to spend forevermore with you. You are the sunshine that lifts my dark days. You are the sweet voice that makes me want to wake up every single morning of my life. I'll never need anything or anyone else for as long as I have you in my life.

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