A Comparison On These Two Poems – ‘First Love’ By John Clare And ‘The First Day’ By Christina Georgina Rossetti

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Write a comparison on these two poems – ‘First Love’ by John Clare
and ‘The First Day’ by Christina Georgina Rossetti - .

Both John Clare and by Christina Georgina Rossetti choose to work within the constraints of a given form, as poets enjoy the technical challenge as well as the discipline. However, some people believe that this restricts the writer’s ability to express him or herself properly. This is not the case in ‘The First Day’ and ‘First Love’ who demonstrate a clearer understanding of structure in form by writing a poem as a lyric in iambic tetrameter and a sonnet in iambic ...view middle of the document...

The insightful imagery shows the reader how little she can remember. However, the true crime on the innocent Christina Georgina Rossetti is seen in lines 10-11 as she let the memory ‘come and go’, it left not impending impression on her just like the metaphor of snow after the ‘traceless...thaw’. Over time, the memory did not fade instantly but slowly disintegrated as she tried to remember. Perhaps it nullifies the statement before where it states ‘I could recollect it!’ but has chosen not to and therefore has suppressed the memory. The two uses of time and its affect on love shows both its instant impression but also the lasting effect, so love can not only be seen as timeless it can also be seen as a constant, life goes on and love can to.
Nature is another key theme in both John Clare’s and Christina Georgina Rossetti poems, which is a typical trait of any romantic poet. Throughout the ages love has often been compared to nature especially in the romantics period such as Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18, where he compares his love ‘to a summer’s day’. In this poem Shakespeare recognise the fact that beauty is like a ‘possession’ that one can ‘lose’, but he also talks of ‘a fair thou ow’st’, which implies a beauty that is owed to someone and that someone is Mother Nature, as superficial beauty must be returned to be passed on ‘in eternal lines’ from one generation to the next. The link between natural beauty and Mother Nature is the foundation to linking nature to beauty. It is a physical presence seen by all and nature and can engross people’s feelings much like love. In Christina Georgina Rossetti poem ‘First Day’ she refers to her love as ‘blossom’, that is ‘the budding of her tree’. This physical image of a seed being sewn sounds rather physical and links to Shakespeare’s use of ‘eternal lines’, possibly the branches of the tree of life but the stronger interpretation here, is that her love and her heart has found a home. This metaphor of her love shows trust and security in the match she has made with her lover and grows to fruition over time over with yearning passion. In John Clare’s poem he too takes blooming as he describes ‘Her face it bloomed like a sweet flower’. This refers to her natural beauty, which he would later use in stanza three as a paradox. He refers to her as a flower, but then when he asks the question ‘Are flowers the winter’s choice?’ Clare refers to himself as a flower and his lover as winter. This is to emulate true love defying natural succession of events as Clare is asking whether he the flower can been seen beneath all the snow of winter. The snow could refer to the affect she has on everyone around her, white and pure it makes everyone else look beautiful and she herself is beautiful. This desperation for John Clare to be noticed seems hopeless when you think that his ‘silent voice’ may not have been heard, or he may not be picked by her as only ‘love’s appeals to know’. Overall the use of nature in these poems not...

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