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A Comparison Of Theorist Essay

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A Comparison of Theorists
Many of the greatest theorists of the past decade have helped form the foundation of knowledge. In this paper, this writer will compare two of the most talented theorists of the time. Abraham Maslow and B.F. Skinner are just two of the many theorists that have formed the organization in today’s classrooms. This paper will address the differences in the theories and the similarities. It will describe how each theory can be implemented in the learning environment of an early childhood classroom. Lastly, it will describe each theory that will be compared supported by research.
Comparison of two Theories
Operant Behavior Conditioning of Burrhus Frederic Skinner ...view middle of the document...

Probably his greatest contribution was his description of effects of reinforcement on responses. He related these findings to individuals as well as social groups (Behaviorism theory Overview n.d.).
Hierarchy of Needs of Abraham Maslow (1908-1970)
The developmental theory of human motivation called hierarchy of needs is for what Maslow is. This is the requirements of human beings on emotional, psychological, and physical needs levels (Maslow and Skinner: n.d.).
He arranges these requirements in the shape of a 3 level pyramid, with the most essential of these needs placed at the top and less essential needs at the bottom. Maslow was the first to suggest that only having your physical survival needs met is not enough:
Level 1: survival - food and shelter
Level 2: emotional/social - social interaction (relationships), security
Level 3: creativity, self-esteem, ability to express oneself (Maslow and Skinner: n.d.).
Maslow does not say that each one of these needs have to be met in order for a person to a happy person. Unfortunately, for a person to become a complete secure well rounded individual they must process or have a handle on all three of these levels.
Although the most basic of developmental needs is at the top of the pyramid, this does not mean that a person cannot be a complete, happy individual without all of these levels present in their life. Surely a person can survive without aspects of the bottom two levels of this pyramid, but this does not mean that they will be a happy, well-adjusted, emotionally secure individual. Although Maslow does not give suggestions for meeting all three levels of needs, he acknowledged the fact that to be all of these things; all three levels must be present (Maslow and Skinner: n.d.).

Comparison and Contrast Chart

Issue | Maslow | Skinner |
Define Motivation | According to Maslow, motivation arises from the desire to satisfy one's basic needs. We must satisfy ones most obvious needs for survival itself according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Then moving on to safety and security, after which the following would be the sense to belong and interact with others. After meeting all the lower level needs, self-actualization occurs this is the summit, of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. It is the journey of reaching one's full potential as a person (Mason, 2011). | According to Skinner, motivation stems from the way behavior is ethical behavior rewarded and defiant behavior reprimanded (Mason, 2011). |
How motivation changes for Elementary Versus SecondaryStudents | Maslow states that younger children need basic needs met first. Once those needs are then they can advance to the complex problems that have open-ended answers, and then to add order to one's life or situation before reaching one's full potential as a person. Skinner states that if they work from basic to complicated steps; performance/feedback motivation of reward/punishment (Mason, 2011). | The concept of Maslow and...

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