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A Comparison Of The Articles "The Performance Implications Of Dynamic Capabilities: The Case Of Product Innovation" And "Absorptive Capacity, Environmental Turbulence, And The Complementarity Of Organizational Learning Processes" Ulrich Lichtenthaler

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WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management

A Comparison of the Articles "The Performance Implications of Dynamic Capabilities: The Case of Product Innovation" and "Absorptive Capacity, Environmental Turbulence, and the Complementarity of Organizational Learning Processes" Ulrich Lichtenthaler

Seminar on Research and Academic Writing

Institute for Management Accounting and Control Submission Date: October 15th, 2012 Submitted to: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Matthias Mahlendorf

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1. Introduction Publishing results in multiple papers – this is a recent headache of many researchers. The background of this is very simple: Many research-rankings use the number of publications as a reference for their published ranking. Consequently several researchers argue that this tempts to trying to publish as many research papers as possible regarding the same empirical study. In the following work we will first describe two papers. They were composed due to the fact that for example articles from Verona and Ravasi (2003) and Zhara (2006) on dynamic capability show large deficits. The first research paper is "The Performance Implications of Dynamic Capabilities: The Case of Product Innovation" by Ulrich Lichtenthaler. This paper will be compared to another research paper by Ulrich Lichtenthaler: "Absorptive Capacity, Environmental Turbulence, and the Complementarity of Organizational Learning Processes". Both articles deal with the importance of dynamic capability in terms of the innovation process. Lichtenthaler uses theoretical functions as well as surveys with different companies. In the next step we will analyse both papers and scan them for any potential drawbacks based on a defined set of criteria. Finally we will come up with a conclusion where we will summarize the most important points and state our final results. 2. Description Ulrich Lichtenthaler published the research paper "Absorptive Capacity, Environmental Turbulence, and the Complementarity of Organizational Learning Processes" in August 2009. The importance of dynamic capabilities in the innovation process is highlighted in this article. He explains this reasoning by the immense market and technological turbulences. Lichtenthaler puts a definition of absorptive capacity in the middle of the innovation process. As variables for the firm and innovation success he states three different processes: Exploratory, transformative and exploitative learning process. He uses data from a survey which was carried out in 175 different companies to proof his statements. Additionally, this survey documents the multidimensional impact of absorptive capacity and helps to explain why a company benefits from external knowledge. Exploratory learning means that the company acquires new knowledge in order to create new products. The next step of the learning process, namely exploitative learning, defines the matching of the newly acquired knowledge with the market. Finally the transformative learning process "links exploratory and exploitative...

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