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A Comparison Of Methods In Business Research

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A Comparison of Methods in Business Research
By Song Gao
This essay compares the research method of case study with five other methods in business research. The five methods are focus group, in-depth interview, observation, questionnaires and field experiment. This essay provides the definition, advantages, disadvantages/limitations for each of the six methods. Moreover, five published articles related to case study method and two published articles related to each of the other five methods were found to further discuss their application in research.
Case Study
It is an understatement that there is confusion among students, teachers and researchers about the definition of ...view middle of the document...

(2013). Business Languages for Intercultural and International Business Communication: A Canadian Case Study. Business Communication Quarterly, 76(1), 28–50. doi:10.1177/1080569912471186
In order to determine if the business school at a small comprehensive university provides sufficient intercultural communication training, the authors took the Business Administration Program at Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU), Ontario as a case and conducted two online surveys, one targeting Business French students and graduates and the other targeting Business Administration students. Also, they conducted a related interview with the coordinator of the IB program to determine if business languages and intercultural communication studies were integrated into the IB program. The findings from this Canadian case are representative. It’s worth pointing out that the authors used two other methods – Survey(questionnaires) and Interview as the supporting method in their research.
Article 2 – Boris, UrbanDe Haaff, N. (2013). Internationalization and Innovation in Emerging Markets: Case Studies on Chinese, Malaysian and South African Multinational Companies. Advances in Management., 6(4).
Several case studies were conducted to understand the increased multinational enterprise participation in emerging markets which have been driven by internationalization and globalization. The authors provided six business cases in three economy-boosting countries as follows: Tsingtao Brewery in Mainland China; Hong Kong Resort International Limited in Hong Kong, China; Berjaya Corporation Berhad and Malayan United Industries Berhad in Malaysia; Bidvest and MTN in South Africa.
Article 3 – Cao, Q., Thompson, M. A., & Triche, J. (2013). Investigating the role of business processes and knowledge management systems on performance: A multi-case study approach. International Journal of Production Research, 51(18), 5565–5575. doi:10.1080/00207543.2013.789145
According to the authors, one approach to improve a company’s competitive advantage is to form collaborative networks. They conducted a multiple-site case study with the organisation as the primary unit of analysis to explain that. The authors collected data from a major business communication provider, a networking infrastructure solutions provider, and a GPS technology. The topic of this article is very professional and difficult to understand for the audience who have no relevant background. But one advantage to their case study is it helps audience to better understand a complex organisational phenomenon. The authors also illustrated the limitations of their study.
Article 4 – DANAHER, P. J. (2013). Comparing the Relative Effectiveness of Advertising Channels: A Case Study of a Multimedia Blitz Campaign. Journal of Marketing Research (JMR)., 50(4), 517–534. 18p. 1 Black and White Photograph.
In this research, the authors developed an inexpensive method to help firms assess the relative effectiveness of multiple...

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