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A Comparison Of Macbeth With Other Texts

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Shakespeare won’t have included this scene just as a way to present the disturbed characters; he will have included it to impress the people watching the play. Religious believers in that time believed in the idea of the religious order, which was the belief that God has created an ordered system for both nature and human kind, every creature/person has a place and the order should not be disrupted. Including the porter scene in the play would of reinforced this belief, as the King was seen to be at the top of this ordered system, meaning once he was murdered this order had been disrupted. This scene showed some the effects of the link between man and God being severed through Pathetic ...view middle of the document...

He is talking in very short sentences, which may have been done to show Macbeth’s fear and nerves towards the situation. He knows what he has done and he knows that the consequences will result in his death, which ultimately means him losing the power he has gained for himself. This shows just how disturbed Macbeth character has become, reaching the stage where he thinks of murder as a very insignificant thing, he is willing to kill anybody who threatens his position of power and control. This side of his character links him to the character Salome, in one of the other texts that I have studied (a poem by Carol Ann Duffy named after that character). She is presented as a serial killer right from the start of the poem by saying “I’d done it before” and then goes on to say very casually “I woke up to a head on the pillow beside me – whose?” referring to the head of a man which she had killed previously only to behead him and place his head on the pillow next to her to sleep next to it. This shows that she, like Macbeth, views murder as insignificant. This poem was not written in the same era as Macbeth was written, but the audience would have still responded in a similar way. It makes you feel how disturbed the character has become / how disturbed the character is.
Salome however, does not have the extreme fear of betrayal and the trust issues which Macbeth has, but he does share this trait with The Duke, from another poem which I have studied, named “My last duchess” by Robert Browning. He says “She thanked men – good! But thanked – somehow – I know not how.” In this quote, he is discussing his last duchess and hinting that he believed that she was unfaithful towards him. The way he speaks in this quote is very broken up, which could either show his anger towards the situation or it could show that he was unsure whether to share the information, as not to make himself look as if he couldn’t control his wife. This would have been more important during that time as women were still seen in a stereotypical way, they were meant to be mild and feminine whereas the man would have all the power. Throughout the poem he continues to make comments about how she looked at other men, which shows that he was so scared of being betrayed by her and having his pride wounded, that he noticed everything she did and said to other men. “She liked whatever she looked on, and her looks went everywhere.” He is also a very arrogant character, in one case referring to himself as on the level of a God, “Notice Neptune, though, taming a seahorse.” He is comparing himself to Neptune, the God of the sea who carried the trident and was extremely powerful, and then comparing his last duchess to the seahorse that needed to be controlled or “tamed”. It could be said that his excessive pride was his Hubris that lead to him committing Hamartia, him killing his wives whenever they go against the way he views in his head that they should act, will eventually lead to his downfall...

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