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A Comparative Study On China English, Chinglish And Their Influences

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A Comparative Study on China English, Chinglish and Their Influences

Abstract: This paper attempts to explore the possible differences between China English and Chinglish as well as the influences they have brought to the language itself and the society. By a comparative study of the two interlanguages, we can gain a general idea about their differences and their impact
Key words: China English, Chinglish, influences

1. Introduction
With the intensifying of globalization nowadays, communication across national boundaries is getting more and more frequent. English, as the world’s most important working language, is playing a key role in the state and non-state ...view middle of the document...

Later, the use of English varieties came to replace it. The US scholar Braj Krachru has suggested that we think of the spread of English as three concentric circles, representing three different ways in which the language has been acquired and is currently used: the inner circle, like the USA, UK, Canada and New Zealand; the outer or extended circle, which involves Singapore, India that English has been established as the sec ond language; and the expanding circle, including those nations which recognize the importance of the language as an international language such as China, Greece and a number of other states (David Crystal, 2001, p. 54). China English, as a branch of the expanding circle, constitutes a variety of English languages.

2. China English and Chinglish
2.1. China English
China English, or Chinese English according to some linguists, is the vocabulary, sentences, and discourses cored with Standard English, with Chinese characteristics that enter communication by means of transliteration and semantic regeneration. For example, paper tiger, Four Modernization, one country two systems, Kong fu, Confucius, etc. Such kind of English generally appears when introducing Chinese history and culture.
As a branch of the expanding circle, constitutes a variety of English languages. With its Chinese feature, it enriches the vocabulary of the language, broadening its range of appliance. As a matter of fact, every language, like culture, is not self-sufficient. On the contrary, it is under the stimuli outside its own domain. Through conflicting, assimilating and absorbing, new and energetic factors enters the old entity and change it constantly as the process repeats with time passing by. And actually, some Chinese expressions have become part of English, for example “jiaozi”, “long times no see”, “chop suey”, and “dim sum” and so on. They have been well acknowledged by native speakers and encounter no problem in everyday use.
From a practical point of view, China English conveys Chinese people’s identity to a certain extent. Because no matter from UK or USA, there exists too much distance psychologically, socially and culturally, even a glimmer of hope could hardly be found to talk and write like a native for one who lives in China and receives conventional education. However, this does not necessarily mean that the vast majority of them are not successful in English learning. The Chinese feature indicates that we have enduring history and unique civilization.
With the deepening of opening-up, China stands big chance for setting its image as one of the key powers in the world. China needs to know the world better. And, what is more urgent now is that the world needs to know China better. Compared with information introduced into the nation, far less has been transmitted outside. Therefore, China English is the media to tell the other peoples what China is like.
2.2 Chinglish
Chinglish, however, is...

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