A Comparative Study Of The Philippines And Usa B.S. Nursing Curriculum

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The Commission and its Technical Committee on Nursing Education (TCNE) practically added more units to an already heavy curriculum. Adding all the general education units, Nursing units and core curriculum, the poor BSN student will have more or less 41 hours for lectures and RLEs per week. That's approximately 8 hours a day, excluding extra-curricular activities and co-curricular requirements.


Nursing—science and art. Nursing, in general, the process of caring for, or nurturing, another individual. That makes it an essential yet critical profession. It is but imperative to prepare graduates well so that they may be fit for job in the real world setting. More specifically, nursing refers to the functions and duties carried out by persons who have had formal education and training in the art and science of nursing. Professional nurses combine many different disciplines, including aspects of biology and psychology, to promote the restoration and maintenance of health in their clients. There are two major categories of nurses: licensed practical nurses and registered nurses (Carruthers, 2007). However in recent times, more specialties in nursing practice have flourished and evolved and even merged to create a unified organization.

Philippine educational foundations. The Philippines had been a seat of education in Asia. Taking into account University of Sto. Tomas (1611) the first Catholic University in Asia, which exemplified the holistic approach of integrating curriculum with current political and social psyche that would meet the demands of time in nursing education. Most Philippine universities and colleges from then on consists of faculties of sacred theology, canon law, philosophy, civil law, arts and letters, medicine, pharmacy, and engineering; colleges of education, liberal arts, science, commerce and business administration, architecture and fine arts, and nursing. With the advent of the Board of Nursing for a specified college or educational program came the hypothesis of creating a formal set of rules, guidelines and regulation to govern the Nursing education in the Philippines.

USA educational foundations. On the other hand, religious convictions motivated the founding of the earliest American colleges, such as Harvard (1636), College of William and Mary (1693), and Yale (1701). In the 19th century rivalry among Protestant denominations, and competition among towns seeking a commercial edge over their rivals, were responsible for the creation of hundreds of colleges. In memoir, by the end of the 19th century scientific and scholarly research flourished at both private and public universities almost at all sides of the world. Commercial and practical uses of knowledge, created powerful incentives for countries to increase financial support for their public universities, which paved way for many universities and colleges build in the Philippines—which is also parallel to the other parts of the world (Corbis,...

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