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A Comparative Study Of Protections For Workers In America, Europe And Japan

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A Comparative Study of Protections for Workers in America, Europe, and Japan
By: Freda Manning
January 31, 2016
MBA 605 Business, Government, and Society
Mercy College
January 31, 2016
MBA 605 Business, Government, and Society
Mercy College

In this paper, I will examine and compare the impact of American, Japanese and European Labor laws and how it's managed throughout the society. I will begin by providing facts on employment protection throughout history for each country and identify their weakness. Next, I will discuss the impact of each country economic structure and how it influences the market and employee ...view middle of the document...

In Japan, corporations made efforts to provide alternatives to unemployment. For instance, employers often institute Kikyu (which means to return home for a rest). It translation is one, two or three days a month from work when the plant is shut down, and the employees receive 90 to 95% pay (Gould, 1984).
While Japanese union membership in the 1900s consists of a larger percentage of the workforce than the percentage of organized workers in America, union coverage did not extend to temporary employees and frequently not to the employees of subcontractor firms which are in the corporate family (Gould, 1984). These groups of workers were a part of the second tier of the Japanese dual economy; they received low wages and tolerated poorer working conditions (Gould, 1984).
Japanese workers receive lifetime employment contracts, increasing salaries, housing, children expenses and paid vacation (Steiner & Steiner, 2012 pg.569). The U.S does provide paid time off, and low-income individuals are eligible for assistance with child care and housing, but it's not through the workplace. The Japanese culture believes in hard work and dedication many employees work 14 hours day shifts and hardly take any vacation time or sick days. However, these conditions are not forced on the Japanese employees its part of their culture to be hardworking and dedicated to the workplace.
Sexual harassment in the workplace was recognized in the United States in the 1970s (Gould, 1984) however; Japan did not start to have sexual harassment regulations in the workplace until the late 1980s this goes along with women rights in the workplace recognition. After several allegations of sexual harassment in 2005, Japan realized there was a need to regulate and protect female employees from such actions (Bruce, 2013).
Current Employee Benefits
Since the 1970's and 80s the working environment has changed tremendously, it has accommodated to allow working citizens enough time to spend with family at home. The European and Japan government has enforced laws that mandated shorter working hours. The U.S, on the other hand, has not adjusted its hours too much from the 1970. Union membership across all three countries has dropped significantly; unions were a security measure for workers at risk of unfair treatment. Collective bargaining is more integrated into Europe than Japan, and the U.S. The coverage of collective bargaining represents the workers that have their pay and work settings conditioned by collective agreements. This coverage varies in Europe but is high which displays its strong employee protection. Legislation on employees' protection is active, but mobility is small in the workforce. Health coverage and pensions are part of public social security (. Working hours, wages, and employment security are determined through collective bargaining as well.
The U.S is an employee at will business today, and mobility is very high. Employee's retirement funds are partially...

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