A Comparative Study Of Political, Economic And Social Cultures Issues Of The Russia And India

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A comparative study of political, economic and social-cultures issues of the Russia and India

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Task 1
1.1 Economy of Russia and India 2
Terrorist aspects of globalization 2
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At the same time, it is important to be sensitive to potential risks associated with doing business in international trade and have knowledge or practice about culture of destination country. However, it is a challenge for managers to adapt, promote diversity and maintain solid organizational culture.
This report begins with Part 1.1 by explaining economic development for Russia and India. Part 1.2 considers the political and legal issues, focusing on government structure, but also examines problems that arise due to political situations such as discrimination and corruption. Part 1.3 compares both countries socio-cultural issues, acknowledging the importance of Hofstede cultural dimension, as well as written and unwritten laws for international interpretation. Part 2.1 examines cultural shock as a result of overseas posting, also consider cross cultural training which will increase new manager cultural competency.

Task 1
1.1 Economy of Russia and India
Economy has become one of the major systems for internationalism. As part of BRICs members, Russia and India share common traits in terms of their economic condition. Both were planned socialist economics characterized by centralized distribution of resources, nationalized industries with a focus heavy industry, highly protected economies where structural and bureaucratic impediments were vigorously fostered and underutilization of foreign trade (Mukherjee 2007). Russia is one of the world’s leading producers of oil and natural gas and is also top exporter of metal such as steel and primary aluminum (CIA 2014). Meanwhile, India is now home to globally recognized companies in pharmaceuticals and steel (World Bank 2015). Besides that, India’s diverse economy encompasses traditional village farming, handicrafts, wide range of modern industries and become a major exporter of information technology services, business outsourcing services, and software workers.
Terrorist aspects of globalization
However, both countries have many challenges that it has yet to fully address such as terrorism. The threat posed by various domestic and international terrorist groups in India is substantial. Coordinated terrorist attacks on locations frequented by foreigners and expatriates in November 2008 highlighted the risk of collateral damage in India and it is possible that future attacks could target Western iconic locations and those places frequented by foreigner and expatriates (Government of UK 2014). Whereas, Russia has been bracing itself for terrorist attack since July, when Doku Umarov, the self-proclaimed emir of the northern Caucasus and a Chechen terrorist leader, pledged to disrupt the Sochi winter Olympics and lifted a moratorium on civilian targets in Russia that he had imposed in the wake of anti-government protests in December 2011 and it due to the failures of the Russian state and the indiscriminate use of violence by the security services that had fuelled radicalization and the spread...

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