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A Comparative Analysis Of The British Parliamentary System And The American Presidential System

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  “A Comparative Analysis of The British Parliamentary System and The American Presidential System”
The British Parliament and The American presidential system are the two of the strongest formal political institutions in modern times.  The American presidential system was built upon parliamentary ideals but was altered in a way that reflected the will of the American patriots who demanded proportional and fair representation. It is important to recognize that the two institutions share a number of common elements. These common elements serve in large part to ensure the proper execution of democratic principles. The differences between the two systems are what define their ...view middle of the document...

Henry III was the first monarch to demand regular taxation of his subjects to fund  military expenditures. Over the remainder of the 13th century, taxation became an even more essential to every day political life.  The king was required to meet with leaders of small regions in Europe, and as such parliament became an open assembly by which representatives of smaller regions, who were referred to as the “commons” were able to attend the parliamentary meetings. Over time the role of representatives carried greater significance. It was during the 14th century that a bicameral parliament emerged, meaning two assemblies, one a House of  Lords (the kings advisors) and the other a house of commons, meaning those who represented the communities, or the MPs. The United States was once under the Colonial rule of England. During this period there were thirteen colonies in the modern day United States that sought to gain independence from British rule. The American Revolution occurred as a result of widespread resentment towards British Parliament, who taxed people in the thirteen colonies without giving them adequate representation. After a variety of rebellious acts, the war, which is now referred to as “The American War of Independence”, broke out in 1775. The battle of Yorktown was a defining moment in history, as this is the battle that paved the way for American victory in the war. American independence was officially recognized by the treaty of Paris in 1783, and became ratified by The United States Congress and the King of Great Britain in 1784, in January and April of that year, respectively (Cogliano). Thomas Pine, who was a devout patriot during the American civil war announced that 'there is something very absurd, is supposing a continent to be perpetually governed by an island' (Cogliano).
British Parliament had been evolving over hundreds of years by the time Americans sought to gain independence. In devising the Presidential System and the American Constitution, the Founding Fathers of the United States had important decisions to make. They had to build a stable system in the newly recognized United States that represented their distinct desires but also reflected the stability they had previously experienced under British rule.  It is obvious that there are common elements between The British Parliament and The American Presidential System as the Founding Fathers of The United States were at one time, British Subjects. In fact many had been born in Britain or had close family ties to Britain. They did not take issue with the mode by which they were ruled, they were, however, distressed by their lack of proximity to their government, who unjustly taxed them without representation. It is easy to compare these two systems in the present day because they are both democratic in nature. There are some common principles that are recognized as necessary in order to uphold a democratic government. Both systems are bicameral and they...

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