A Company Is (Morally) Allowed Within The Legal Framework To Gain Unlimited Access To Consumer’s Privacy For The Use Of Customer Loyalty Programmes

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A company is (morally) allowed within the legal framework to gain unlimited access to consumer’s privacy for the use of customer loyalty programmes.

As a consumer, loyalty to a company is largely based on trust. We expect the company to not abuse it. Firms have the responsibility of delivering quality- this refers both to the product that they deliver, and the customer relations – in order to maintain loyalty. In order to achieve this, customers expect their private information to be kept secure.
How much does security matter to a consumer? A survey executed by Edelman show that “70% of people are more concerned about privacy than they were five years ago, and 68% feel they have ...view middle of the document...

Another included in intrusion is mass-mailing. Either via physical mail, or e-mail, it provides a major source of distrust in giving personal information Applying to loyalty programs requires the consumer to give their address (both e-mail and home) to the firm. While there’s usually an option to not receive any notifications; there sometimes isn’t. As a result, consumers receive dozens of e-mails/mails notifying them of special one-time offers for existing members, even if they aren’t interested. Each time personal info is handed out; it raises the issue of whether or not this company will send a constant flood of spam mails.
Marketers should be able to respect the privacy of the consumer. The consumer has a right to decide what is and isn’t intrusive marketing. Companies do have a right to limited access to a consumer’s personal information, as long as the consumer relations management (CRM) needs to find strategies that do not delve too deeply into the consumer’s privacy. A company’s use of privacy should be the same as the customer’s expectations – that it is not abusive. E-mails should not flood the customer’s inbox, but instead have a delay between each ad so that it does not become spam. The difficulty is that it is difficult to determine how much time is enough.
While there is a lot of hazard involved with giving personal information, there is a lot of opportunity. If pretend that the company in question does not intrude; how can consumers gain from giving personal information to them? If we use a...

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