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A Comeback For Uaw Essay

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Running head: A COMEBACK FOR UAW?

A Comeback for UAW?
Altimond Shaw
Kaplan University
MT203: Human Resources Management
Sharon Anton
February 7, 2011

A Comeback for UAW?
We are living in an era where the cost of production is very high, and the battle continues with between employers and employees. Employees need to be better compensated and employers need to spend less. It is very hard in many instances to strike a common ground, therefore employees becomes part of a union to collectively bargain on their behalf. The matter of who win or lose pretty much depends on their bargaining power.

Review/Analysis of the Case
This writer believes that union ...view middle of the document...

We have moved from industrialization to information technology where technology is replacing manual labor, nothing is stable anymore it is all about change, the position that you think you are going to hold on to for the next twenty years is suddenly pull from under your feet this afternoon, no more specialization or division of labor, it is now T.E.A.M (Together Each Achieve More), and this leads the way for multitasking.
With all of these challenges, labor relations are actively involved for the survival of the workforce.
Answer to question #3
There is a common saying that goes; ‘If you can’t beat them join them’ (unknown), however joining a union is not an option for management. If I was hired by GM, these are the tips I would offer them:
Stay firm
The most important rule is to never take anything personally. This goes for communications from the union, statements from its reps, anything that you may consider to be underhand. If you take it personally, which maybe what they want, then there is no way back.
Union networks
Unions are very good at swapping and comparing information about things like pay. Therefore, if you are part of a larger group or organisation, or have a network of colleagues in other organisations that you can talk to and compare with, you should do it. Maybe even consider making an agreement about your pay offer and where you will settle. It is much easier for organisations that are not isolated to make a stand.
Talk to the workforce
Before you begin negotiations or discussions, make sure you have a clear strategy in place for how negotiations will go and be absolutely clear that the board and other senior colleagues are committed to that strategy. Don't leave it to the union to communicate with the workforce. It is common to find managements that do not try to engage directly with their people or even communicate on a basic level, as they are told the union will not like it. This is a fundamental error. The time to build...

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