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A Cognitive Model To Design A Real World Curriculum In Computer Science

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A Cognitive Model to design a real world curriculum
in Computer Science

Dr.Virendra Gawande1 and Sarika V.Gawande2
1&2Sur College of Applied Sciences, Ministry of Higher Education,
Sultanate of Oman

A comparison was carried out between the Eritrean computer studies curriculum and the Australian computer studies curriculum for sixteen-year old learners. The curriculums were compared on the basis of the different keywords that were used to design the outcomes that learners are required to master. These keywords were compared in terms of Bloom’s taxonomy and categorized according to the different levels. This was done in order to demonstrate that the Eritrean curriculum ...view middle of the document...

Programming is a higher-order cognitive process that requires abstract thinking. Each program that is developed requires human thinking skills that result in a new construction. Typically a learning task is to produce some simple programs like performing calculations, writing programs for small imaginary company etc. Over the years the curriculum at Ministry of Education in Eritrea has not been updated. Learners have to learn the basics of programming and then do certain exercises that are required by the curriculum.

2. Theoretical underpinnings
This section will deal with aspects of curriculum design and evaluation as well as with the requirements of the current educational policies.

2.1 The qualities of a good syllabus
According to Chase (1989), a good syllabus/curriculum should fulfill the following requirements with regard to layout, content and outcomes.

Although professional typesetting, logical organization and logical sequencing are important, the syllabus should be adaptable across grade levels. For instance, for younger learners activities can be demonstrated, while older learners may carry them out as experiments. The curriculum should be user-friendly so that it is not necessary for the instructor to consult other resources in order to teach.

Chase calls for a syllabus that is workable with available resources, and that addresses local conditions while also accommodating innovative teaching, cooperative learning, and creative thinking skills. He further recommends the incorporation of local resources for fieldwork, and recommends that the curriculum be interdisciplinary in effect so that it could be equally relevant to mathematics, languages and arts.

Core and enrichment topics should be clearly separated, and the curriculum should provide a variety of resources, such as worksheets, readers, DVDs etc.

2.2 Bloom’s Taxonomy
For this research, the researcher has used Bloom’s original Taxonomy of Education Objectives (1956), specifically because it is the most widely known and accepted taxonomy in education.

Benjamin S. Bloom (1956) became widely known for the influence that his taxonomy had on learning models and curriculum studies. He based his taxonomy on the premise that cognitive operations can be understood on the following six levels:
i. Knowledge
ii. Comprehension
iii. Application
iv. Analysis
v. Synthesis
vi. Evaluation

Bloom regarded recall of information (knowledge) as the lowest level of cognition and evaluation as the highest level. Bloom’s assumption is that when one functions at the level of evaluation, one has already mastered all the other levels of his taxonomy.

Bloom’s Taxonomy
Skill level | Levels | Keywords |
Lower order thinking skills | Knowledge: Recall data | Defines, describes, identifies, knows, labels, lists, matches, names, outlines, recalls, recognizes, reproduces, selects and states. |
| Comprehension: Understands the...

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