A Close Alignment Of Organization Strategy With Human Resource Development (Hrd), As A Way To Improve Individual And Organizational Performance

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There is increased need of human resources development to meet today’s organizations’ needs, which are ever changing due to globalization that has resulted into more competition in the global markets (Garavan, Heraty, & Barnicle, 2002). According to Hyland (2005), human resource development (HRD) refers to the process of enhancing human resource capability through strategies and development, organization development and career development in order to boost their performance, which in turn boosts an organization’s performance. ...view middle of the document...

In order to achieve high individual and organizational performance, management executives should ensure that their HRD functions align with their business strategies (Armstrong & Baron, 2002). The current business setting calls for HRD to align with the business strategies as well as take a fundamental role in determining the business strategy (Garavan, Heraty, & Barnicle, 1999). Armstrong and Baron (2002) explain that an organization’s success greatly depends on its ability to fully utilize its human resources expertise and skills in shaping and executing is business strategy. Sthapit (2008) argue that integrating HRD with an organization’s goals, mission and strategies steer an organizations towards achieving positive HRD results which in turn impact positively on the organization’s overall performance.
This essay has mainly utilized the existing literature associated with this topic, together with its analysis and synthesis. The research method involved assessing the printed scholarly materials related to this topic as well as the use of online peer reviewed articles and other useful materials, which are acceptable in the modern management studies. The mode of search used in accessing the online materials is the ‘keyword search’. The accessed articles were the consequently screened according to their significance to the topic under study. Only the articles with usefully and expansive information on organization strategy and it’s interlink/integration with HRD functions were selected for the study.
It is important to point out that the article has various limitations due to some reasons. One of the reasons is that the study is based on past researches that examine the idea of aligning organization strategy and HRD functions labeled as such. It might therefore, lack some specific aspects of integrating business strategies with HRD functions to improve performance that the methodology based on online searches has failed to consider. Another limitation is the failure to practically test the notion that alignment of business strategy with HRD function lead to individual and organizational performance since only the existing literature related to the topic under research has been examined. These limitation points at the areas that future researchers and scholars are required to integrate into their future researchers on the same topic.
Hyland (2005) describes HRD as a process, which encompasses functions, e.g., training and development, organizational development, as well as career development (Garavan, Heraty, & Barnicle, 2002), which are intended to promote personal and managerial performance. Therefore according to these scholars, HRD functions are a set of actives, which are designed in such a way that they will enhance Employees’ capabilities to boots their individual performance that in turn enhances an organization’s performance. Schuler (1992) defines the word strategy as plan that is designed to achieve set goal and objectives under...

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