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A Clockwork Orange, Anthony Burgess’ 1962 dystopian novel, takes place under many similar circumstances to that of 1984. They both take place in tyrannical, futuristic English regimes. They both follow the lives of an insignificant person caught in the middle of everything that is happening in the world around him. In A Clockwork Orange we follow the life of Alex, another youth caught in the overwhelming gang problem that has taken the country over. He and his droogs, or friends, are constantly out causing havoc on the streets and carrying out heinous crimes such as: rape, assault, armed robbery and so on. Their lives are totally engulfed in to the life styles they lead, filled with drugs, ...view middle of the document...

The book speaks volumes to the moral dilemma we all face every day, to do what we want which may be seen as wrong and be punished accordingly or to live within our boundaries, keeping within us our true desires so that we are not see as evil or bad and treated as such. A Clockwork Orange suggests that we all behave in a manner that is maybe not true to our selves but more so true to the world we live in and the circumstances we face because after all, circumstance makes the man. The story shows this when: we first meet Alex and he does as he wants, when Alex is imprisoned and has to make an attempt at self improvement and lastly after the experiments are done on Alex and he is sent back in to society to lead a normal life.
When we meet Alex in the beginning of A Clockwork Orange, we learn that he is as many other teens are of that time that is he is obsessed with doing unlawful acts. Our initial encounter is his in a bar with his gang friends drinking milk laced with drugs to fuel him for the night of law breaking they are about to embark on. They leave the bar to find an old homeless man lying in the street, too drunk to even realize what is happening. They then go and continue to beat him mercilessly, leaving him near death and butt naked in the street. The man clearly had no items of value on him so their motive to do what they did was just out of sheer enjoyment. This is our first view of just the kind of society they are in and how Alex and his droogs go about making moral decisions. They pull off the crime without hesitation and go out and continue their night a pillaging without skipping a beat, when many people today would be taken back after witnessing or committing a crime of just vulgar nature he is not even fazed. They continue to an old abandoned opera house, another popular venue for the teenage thugs of this dystopian future, where they meet another gang in the middle of a gang rape. Alex and his droogs break up the rape, an action out of character for them, but only to start a brawl with the rivals out of boredom and morbid curiosity to see what would happen. They beat the rivals; leave them in a bloody pool and escape before the police show up to see what has happened. All the things his gang seeks after is wrong, they seek violence, look for the next woman to rape and do drugs until they pass out. We all know that what they are doing is wrong and for the most part we can see that Alex also knows what he is doing is wrong but he makes the moral choice to do wrong. This can be reflected on all our own lives whenever we choose to do something we know is wrong. If we know what we are doing is bad or wrong, why do we all still make that choice because no normal person can say they have done nothing but good and made nothing but the right choices through life. Alex feels that the society he lives in can stop him and that all the wrong doing he and his droogs commit will never catch up to him. After their gang brawl, Alex and his...

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