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A Case Study On Starbucks

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Exploration of Successfully Managed Innovation of A Company: A Case Study on Starbucks


In an acutely vying business environment, innovation has been highly regarded by enterprises. It is vital for companies to effectively apply innovation strategies into practice. In this essay, Starbucks, as a world famous cafe brand, will be taken as an example to demonstrate how a company has successfully managed innovation.

Innovation is regarded as ‘a process of bringing any new, problem-solving ideas into use’ (Conway & Steward, 2009, p.10). The entire process, driven by the ability to see connections, to spot opportunities and to take advantage of them (Tidd & Bessant, ...view middle of the document...

For instance, youngsters are unconsciously addicted into Starbucks, spending hours using laptops, smartphones, tablets and kindles etc. in coffeehouse. Just because the WIFI in Starbucks is free, majority give up the idea of consuming in other fast food chains.

Besides, another important aspect leads Starbucks service innovation to success is its unique system design. For example, the space design and environment in Starbucks coffeehouse is exquisite. Not only do the khaki and leather seats deliver elegant and classic feelings to customers, the same as propagandistic coffee culture, but also the seats are delicately divided into different module areas for both individuals and companions, some of them offer power supply for laptops use, which is considerate for diverse customers’ experiences. Furthermore, the products in Starbucks including coffee machine, water faucet, ice container, mug, stirring rod and adhesive tape etc. are elaborately designed for higher equality and faster delivering.

Last but not least, standard beverages made by baristas are the service that Starbucks successfully extend its brand all over the world. Today, Starbucks is the world largest coffeehouse company ahead of UK rival Costa Coffee, with 23,305 stores in 65 countries and territories (2014). No matter in America, United Kingdom, or China, when ordering a cup of Grande Latte with Cream, customer can always get what he wants. The standard beverages simplify the ordering process and benefit both customers and baristas. Meanwhile, Starbucks approaches innovative versions such as lower-calorie and sugar-free...

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