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A Case Study Of Abc Company

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A Case Study of ABC Company
COMM/215 Essentials of College Writing
8 May 2014

A Case Study of ABC Company

What follows below is an analysis of the ABC Company’s hiring and training practices. In reviewing the events as described, many issues have surfaced regarding the assigned recruiter, Carl Robins and the human resources and training practices of the ABC Company. There are numerous examples of disorganization, lack of following through and areas of overlapping responsibilities, requiring a possible reorganization of the business itself. Although the Case Study does not specify, for the purposes of analysis it is assumed that there are separate Human Resources and Training ...view middle of the document...

However, after further study, there appears to be a general lack of communication, coordination and planning between the Operations Department, the Human Resources and Training Departments of the ABC Company. Let us begin by examining issues discovered within the Training Department. Here, many questions and issues arise; 1) Was Carl thoroughly trained in his responsibilities as a recruiter? 2) Was Carl given the necessary training and resources on the procedures to schedule newly hired employees for their orientation? 3) Did Carl thoroughly understand the companies hiring policies, practices and procedures? 4) Why was not a “mentor” or more senior recruiter assigned to Carl to supervise him during his first recruiting effort? 5) Why was Monica, the Operations Supervisor, tasked with the training schedule, drug testing, physicals, etc?

The Human Resources Department failed in several very key areas. 1) They did not have complete and up to date orientation manuals and all associated paperwork necessary to properly process new employees available. 2) The responsibilities between the Human Resources Department and the Recruiter were not clearly defined. For example, which department had ultimate responsibility to schedule drug testing or physicals for these new employees? Which department had the responsibility to schedule the Training Room for a new hire orientation? 3) Why was another department allowed to schedule the Training Room (Technology Services Department) for the same time period as the recruiter's new hire orientation?

While we do not have any clear answers to these questions, many changes to the company's hiring and training practices are recommended, as well as an immediate and major reorganization of the company itself should be undertaken. First, and foremost is to ensure that company recruiters be relieved of the burden of scheduling drug tests, new hire orientations, physicals, etc. The recruiter's focus should be on finding the most qualified people to fill the positions within the company. For this, the recruiter must know the duties and responsibilities of each position within that company. Second, although it is not clear within the case study that there are Human Resources and Training Departments, it is assumed that those two departments exist within the business. To continue, the Human Resources Department should have purview and be tasked with all duties and paperwork related to the hiring, maintenance and termination of employees and all associated records within the business. Thirdly, the Operations Department must be relieved of any responsibility, not within its immediate scope of authority. Items such as orientation schedules, manuals, policy booklets, physicals and drug testing should be shifted once again to the Human Resources Department. This...

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