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A Case Of Mistaken Identity Essay

969 words - 4 pages

Write about an occasion when a furious argument took place, based on a case of mistaken identity.

Finally, it was the end of my secondary school days. The O-Level examination was over. My friends and I decided to have a party at a chalet in Pasir Ris to celebrate the occasion. The long-awaited evening soon came. My cute, short, strapless pink outfit was perfect for the event. I was really satisfied with it and looked forward to being the talk of the class. “Cute dress!” Cheryl quipped as I entered the chalet. All heads were turned and everyone looked at me in envy. I was enjoying all the attention as I sashayed to the punch bowl at the end. I was really thirsty then and thought that punch ...view middle of the document...

I never imagined that I was capable of all that. All my friends were somewhat bewildered as they watched by the sidelines. My blood was boiling. All the other party could do was to protest her innocence. “But I did not do that at all. Really ...”

Essential background information is provided for one to better understand the circumstances in which the event is taking place: it is time to celebrate the end of the OLevel examination (note the use of the singular – examination). Good use of dialogue: properly punctuated, it tells the examiner that the candidate is able to master complex punctuation.

One of the essay’s strong points is the depiction of the main character’s thoughts and feelings (see words in red/bold). Having done so, the said character appears increasingly human and so, more real.

The furious argument (that between Jessica and Lisa) is about to begin. It is good habit to always refer back to the question: furious is mentioned in the last paragraph (page 1) to help link the material to the question, hence emphasizing relevance. Good use of comparison: the vulgarities coming out of the narrator’s mouth get compared to lava spewing out of a volcano. This emphasizes the intensity of the anger pent up within the omniscient narrator. There is a fair bit of dialogue in this essay. This is fitting for a question which focuses on a furious argument. Note that a new speaker begins a new paragraph.

2 “Did you think I was blind? Or was I imagining things? I saw you spill that drink on me. Come on. The most decent thing that you could possibly do would be to express some regret.” Just then, there was a pat on my shoulder. It was...

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