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A Brief Overview On Service Quality Hand Book Of Brac Bank

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BRAC Bank is on a journey to establish world-class guest experience in all its operations. This will be achieved by focusing on people, infrastructure, technology, products and processes. This is the most fundamental aspect for the success of their business. It will improve their financial performance through creating happy guests through happy team members. The guidelines in this book should be adopted [where relevant]. HR strongly recommends that employees adopt these guidelines even in their personal lives so that these behaviors become natural.
The two main objectives of this hand book are to help BSSO (Branch Sales and Service Officer) achieve excellence in Guest ...view middle of the document...

The Owners of ‘BRAC’ Bank Guest Experience Quality;
Each team member at BRAC bank has to take OWNERSHIP and FULLY COMPLY with the guidelines of this document. The managers in charge of guest service points and the various support functions will ensure compliance of ‘BRAC’ Bank guest experience quality by their teams. They will be held accountable if any of their team members fail to comply with these guidelines. The management committee is responsible for the compliance of ‘BRAC’ Bank guest experience quality by all team members from the managers up to themselves in their respective line of command. The Managing Director is responsible for the compliance of ‘BRAC’ Bank guest experience quality by the management committee members.

The ‘BRAC’ Bank Guest Experience Standards
The BRAC Bank guest experience guidelines are designed to help all team members contribute towards achieving the following guest experience standards:
 Every guest should feel that he/she is being treated as a personal guest
 Every guest should have a positive image of the bank so that they wholeheartedly refer BRAC Bank to others
 Every guest should receive one stop service
 Every guest must receive open and transparent communication
 Every guest must be informed about relevant rules, guidelines, charges and any changes to these up front

The Process: General Compliance

Those responsible for the various team members should take the following steps in the event they notice any team member violating any demonstrable ‘BRAC’ Bank guest experience guidelines.

First time – A letter of caution to be issued and coaching to be provided the first time a team member violates the guidelines.
Second time – If the same team member violates the same guideline for the second time, the head of HR should be informed who will issue a warning letter.
Third time – The employee will be terminated if the same guideline is violated for the third time.
Exceptions: If a team member cannot follow any of these guidelines due to health or religious reasons prior written approval should be obtained from the line manager.

Detailed guidelines
The guidelines below are listed under the 5P’s.


The ‘BRAC’ Bank guest experience ‘People’ deals with proper attitude and behavior of all team members. The aspects include;

1.1 Be purposeful: Team members should come to work after having reflected on their personal purpose and with a resolve to move a step further towards their purpose by positively approaching their work.

1.2 Punctuality: Team members should be punctual. In case of unforeseen circumstances, if any team member is likely to be late he/she should inform his/her line manager, host or guest. He/she should also communicate the reason for the delay and the likely time of arrival before the appointed time. Meetings should be called at least 2 working days before hand.

1.3 Behavior: Each team member should...

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