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A Brief Biography Of Ulysses S. Grant

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Born on April 27, 1822, in the humble village of Point Pleasant, Ohio, was a child destined to be the president of the United States; the little son of Jesse and Hannah Simpson Grant would change history forever. Christened Hiram Ulysses Grant, the infant soon grew to be a youngster who embraced his bucolic lifestyle. The young boy enjoyed doing farm work, especially taking care of horses on the Georgetown family farm. This eventually evolved into a passion for horsemanship that was equaled by few.Ulysses received his early education from local schools in Georgetown. At the age of fourteen, his father decided to send him to Maysville, Kentucky to study at a formal academy. One year later in ...view middle of the document...

Ulysses and Julia became enamored with each other, and soon declared their engagement. Unfortunately, the year was 1844 and the Mexican War was impending. Ulysses had to delay his wedding because he had to serve in Texas. During the Mexican War, Grant learned many lessons of war and displayed much dexterity and courage. In fact, he was promoted to the position of first lieutenant toward the end of the war. Although Grant was so successful on the battlefield, he yearned to be home with his Julia.In the summer of 1848, Grant and Dent finally were married. The couple enjoyed a lasting marriage with mutual encouragement. Together, they could have four children named Frederick, Ulysses Jr., Ellen, and Jesse Jr.After many continued efforts in the army, Grant eventually was promoted to captain in 1853. But, his one weakness would soon surface: Grant missed his family tremendously. On the isolated fort in the then wild California, Grant turned to alcohol to pull himself out of his misery. Eventually, people realized that Grant had a problem, so he resigned and returned to his eager family in 1854.Grant turned to business as a new source of income. Unfortunately, Grant did not seem to have a knack for running a successful business. He first tried farming, which he had grown to love as a youngster on his family farm. It did not work out because at the time, crop prices were low and Grant could not make a profit. In the next few years, Grant would try careers in real estate, the U.S. Customs House, and the family tannery. None worked out for him. Grant's heart belonged to the army.Grant's chance for triumph came in 1861, when the Civil War broke out. Grant, as a man openly opposed to secession and slavery, knew that he was destined to fight for the Union. Grant was commissioned colonel of the 21st Illinois Volunteers. Soon, upon the recommendation of an Illinois congressman, Grant was promoted to brigadier general by the president.As an officer in the Civil War, Grant fought many clever and decisive battles. His earlier experiences in the Mexican War often prepared him for what to expect. Grant was very resilient, and learned quickly from his mistakes. These qualities appealed to President Lincoln, who promoted Grant to lieutenant general and commander of all the Union armies in 1864....

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