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A Blogger In Their Midst Essay

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* Apart from being the Organization's strength, Glove girl is also a threat; she can create a lot of HAVOC with the highly classified information.
* There is no security of data confidentiality, and integrity in organization.
* Management has not developed proper way to communicate with entire staff using computer technologies that could help to provide security.
* Lancaster-Webb has good credit in medical supply and there is no confidentiality on private data of organization then there could be chances of repudiation down in medical market if data is shared out.

* There are management and internal communications problems at Lancaster-Webb, as the ...view middle of the document...

In other words, they do not have the feeling that the blogger is trying to sell them something but that they are otherwise giving their opinion from their own knowledge or experience with the product or service. In the article “A Blogger in Their Midst”, Lancaster-Webb Medical Supply is living, for the first time, the experience of having a blogger (Glove Girl) writing about an old product, from the inside of the company (as an employee, but also as an user). The CEO of the firm is astonished to learn that there had been a huge demand of this product since she started talking it up on her blog. After studying the case, I consider Will Somerset would have different things to do with Glove Girl: fire her; hire her to post good opinion articles in her blog about the company and their products; not do anything with her, this being letting her post whatever she wants as she has been doing until now, or letting The Houston’s Clinic hire her. To know what would be the best solution for the company, we would have to evaluate the pros and cons of all these options. I would automatically discard the idea of firing her, as this would create an awful image and a negative marketing for the company if she ever decided to talk about unfair dismissal on her blog, given her reputation. On the other hand, I doubt the idea of...

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